Lory® Crisp – extruded cereals with nutritional value by the manufacturer Loryma.

The delicious Lory® Crisp crispies are extruded cereals by the food ingredients manufacturer Loryma, which turn chocolate products, toppings for yoghurts, breakfast cereals, muesli bars, and more into a crunchy taste experience. The grains’ nutritional value, from which the extruded cereals are made, makes it possible for food manufacturers to give the end-consumer products their desired nutritional profile. To offer food manufacturers the full range of characteristics and applications and also so as to meet changing consumer lifestyle needs, we have all the important cereals such as wheat, maize, rice and quinoa as the basis for our crispies in our range. The cereal flours and starches on which the extruded Lory® Crisp cereals are based contain hardly any fat, many valuable proteins, vital minerals and vitamins, essential amino acids, as well as magnesium and iron.

Extruded wheat-based cereal crispies.

Wheat, with its valuable ingredients, starch and gluten, provides the ideal basis for extruded cereals such as the manufacturer Loryma’s wheat crispies.

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Extruded maize-based cereal crispies.

In pure maize snacks or rice-maize crackers, maize-based crispies unfold their full protein and taste potential as extruded cereals.

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Extruded rice-based cereal crispies.

Rice contains all the important nutrients that the human body needs to live. A healthy basis for the rice crispies provided by the manufacturer Loryma, as extruded cereals with a high nutritional value.

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Extruded quinoa-based cereal crispies.

As a pseudo-cereal, quinoa provides the ideal basis for crispies, which are further processed as extruded cereals in allergen-compliant products.

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