Lory® Inject brine additives: Efficient, wheat-based raw materials for food producers

Within our functional blends, we offer producers of meat preparations and convenience products brine additives that are based on wheat, which significantly improve the quality and texture of the industrially-produced food. As a producer of injection brines, Loryma supports the food industry with refined wheat-based raw materials that can be adapted individually to the respective customer requirements.

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Brochure brine additives

For natural indulgence: Lory® Inject brine additives

Make your meat, fish and poultry products more tender and succulent. Reduce cooking losses and improve the quality of your convenience products. Lory® Inject brine additives allow for breaded applications with a cleanlabel, and are ideally suited for meat preparations used in the industrial manufacture of, for example, breaded meat products, roast meat and steaks.

Functional blends based on natural, highly refined wheat raw materials, produced to the highest quality by Loryma:

Lory® Inject brine additives are a completely natural combination of wheat ingredients – which enable the creation of clean label products – based on functional proteins, moisture-binding small grain starches and swelling flours. The blend is injected as a liquid into the meat and enables premium product quality as well as process stability during production, the packaging processes and preparation.

  • Purely natural combination of wheat ingredients
  • No e-numbers to declare on the ingredients list
  • Prevents moisture loss under the impact of heat
  • Consistent structure and feel of the end products

Great alone, unbeatable in combination – The three building blocks of Lory® Inject brine additives

Functional proteins

Lory® Protein H11

Moisture-binding small grain starches

Lory® Starch Iris

Swelling flours

Lory® Flour PX16

Perfect meat products

Lory® Inject brine additives at a glance

Functional proteins

Lory® Protein H11

Lory® Protein is an enzymatically hydrolysed wheat protein with high solubility. It is a natural source of protein that is ideally suited for the protein enrichment of meat and meat alternatives.


  • Nutritional optimisation trough supplementation of vegetable protein
  • Solubility optimised for use in brine systems (> 60%)
  • High dispersibility
  • good sedimentationbehaviour results in homogeneous brine during production
  • No agglomerate formation
  • Neutral taste
  • No foam formations, so no loss of pressure in the injectior

Moisture-bindig small grain starches

Lory® Starch Iris

Lory® Starch Iris is a wheat starch with a high proportion of small starch grains. The product is obtained from selected wheat flours by means of physical processes.


  • Cost-effective alternative to rice starch
  • Small particles
  • More tissue accessible in tumblers than ordinary cereal or root starches
  • The texture of the meat does not become juicy
  • No e-numbers
  • Create crispness in coatings