Highly functional wheat-based products for balanced animal feed.

Also in animal feed, the topics regarding the naturalness and sustainability of raw materials are becoming increasingly important for end consumers. Wheat is an important foodstuff, not only for humans, but also for animals. Thanks to their good digestibility, the high-quality wheat-based raw materials by the producer Trigea are also ideal for developing natural and sustainable pet food. With functional products obtained from wheat, Trigea supports – among other things – the production of dry and wet animal feed products, in addition to increasing the share of natural raw materials. Here, for instance, the different wheat-based products can be used as binders with different properties, texturizers and flavour carriers. With its development of wheat-based solutions, Trigea meets the animal feed industry’s high demands related to the texture and appearance of pet food with high quality raw materials and great expertise.

Trigea – Solutions for Pet Food:

  • Versatile partner for the animal feed industry
  • Optimisation of the end-consumer product and the production process
  • Improvement of texture, stability and appearance of the end-consumer product
  • Natural and sustainable animal feed
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Highly functional wheat-based products for dry feed, wet feed and snacks in animal feed.

With our experience as a producer in the pet food sector, we have a deep understanding of products and processes across all industries. This knowledge helps us to optimise stock recipes, production processes or also new product developments. We cooperate closely with our customers. The optimal product is selected from our portfolio and is based on the analysis of the current situation and the defined objectives. Alternatively, an individual solution is developed for the special customer requirements. Our products can also be combined to attain the best result. With our high-quality wheat-based products Trigovit® we improve the functionality of the animal feed, provide process-technological benefits in the production of end consumer products, and make an important contribution in producing balanced, natural animal feed.

Wheat-based products for wet feed as balanced animal feed by the producer Trigea | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat-based solutions wet feed:

Trigovit® Tex, Trigovit® Starch, Trigovit® Mix and Trigovit®  Protein  sustainably improve the nutrient content, binding and taste of pets’ wet feed.

Wheat-based products for wet feed
With wheat-based products by the producer Trigea, high-quality nutrients are added to dry feed, thereby providing balanced animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat-based solutions for dry feed:

Trigovit® Starch, Trigovit® Protein and Trigovit® Tex optimise the nutritional and functional properties of dry feed as complete feed for pets.

Wheat-based products for dry feed
Increasing the functionality of pet food for producers in the animal feed industry | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat-based solutions snacks:

Trigovit® Starch, Trigovit® Tex und Trigovit® Protein improve functionality, taste, texture, appearance, crispness, flexibility, and crunchiness of pet food snacks.

Wheat-based products for snacks
Wheat-based products for ornamental fish and rodent feed, as healthy animal feed by the producer Trigea | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat-based solutions ornamental fish/rodent feed:

Trigovit® Starch, Trigovit® Flour und Trigovit® Protein optimise ornamental fish and roden feed regarding the functionality, form and texture, as well as the viscosity and digestibility.

Wheat-based products for ornamental fish and rodent feed

Wheat as optimal provider of nutrients for healthy animal feed:

Find out more about the development of healthy and efficient wheat-based feed in the animal feed industry.

Research & Product Development

Optimal animal feed by optimising the end consumer product with wheat-based products by the producer Trigea.

Wheat-based products by the producer Trigea provide high-quality nutrients for healthy animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Today, pets are fully integrated members of the family. Ensuring their well-being and health is important for the owners. Balanced and wholesome animal feed is an important component for healthy and vital pets. Wheat contains valuable nutrients. High-quality amino acids, unsaturated fats and fibres, highly digestible proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates ensure tasty, healthy feed as well as the vitality of pets like dogs, cats, birds, ornamental fish and rodents. The producer Trigea does not produce the end consumer product for pet food; rather, it is a versatile and experienced partner of the pet food industry. We take a holistic approach in considering our customers’ desired final result. Because, apart from the nutritional properties, our developments offer a wide range of optimisation options for the end consumer product in terms of texture, stability, naturalness, and appearance. The wheat-based solutions by the producer Trigea are also neutral carriers for flavour in the feed, thanks to the raw material’s tastelessness and odourlessness.