Extruded raw materials for pet food.

Extruded raw materials made from wheat have many advantages when it comes to pet food production. Most importantly, they add the high-quality nutrients of wheat to the feed and increase the functionality of the end-consumer product. With the gentle thermal treatment during extrusion, all the nutrients of the pregelatinised wheat flour protein or the wheat protein are retained.

Versatile extruded raw material for animal feed: Textured wheat protein Trigovit® Tex:

Trigovit® Tex is a nutrient-rich plant protein source that optimises the texture, taste, properties and nutritional value of dry food, wet food, semi-moist food applications and snacks for dogs and cats, as well as tasty protein snacks for rodents.

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Trigea offers pre-gelatinised flours for animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Pregelatinised extruded raw material for animal feed: Extruded pregelatinised wheat flour Trigovit® Flour:

Trigovit® Flour is a high-quality vegetable extruded pregelatinised flour based on wheat. Thanks to its high water-binding capacity, it makes the end-consumer product more dimensionally stable, more durable and more nutritious, in addition to increasing the volume. This is especially beneficial for dry food, puppy milk, chews and chunks.

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High-quality, extruded wheat raw materials for optimising animal feed and snacks.

Trigea offers pet food manufacturers high-quality, extruded raw materials for the production and optimisation of feed and snacks for dogs, cats, rodents, and ornamental fish with the Trigovit® Tex textured wheat proteins and the pregelatinised wheat flours Trigovit® flour. The extrudates’ shapes are ideally suited to the manufacturing process. As powders, flakes, strips, granules, fibres, and chunks, the Trigovit® Tex textured wheat proteins can be processed in line with the requirements, easily and effectively. Thermal extrusion increases the water-binding capacity of Trigovit® Flour, making it the ideal binder, stabiliser and form-provider for dog snacks and ornamental fish flake food. The high-quality, vegetable extrudates are manufactured by Extruded Cereal Products B.V., the extrusion specialist of the Crespel & Deiters Group.

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