Wheat-based functional blends for the pet food-industry.

As a producer of wheat-based functional products, Trigea improves the binding ability and administration and, as such, the functionality, of the animal feed industry’s end-consumer products. With the Trigovit Mix® wheat-based blends, you can improve not only the sensory properties, optics and texture, but also the stability of your customers’ end-consumer products.

Wheat-based functional blends for the production and optimisation of animal feed in the pet food industry:

As a producer in the pet food industry, are you interested in Trigea’s wheat-based functional blends for the optimisation of your pet food? Our holistic consulting approach helps you to find the best solution.

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Wheat-based functional blends Trigovit® Mix:

Ready-to-use solutions for appealing wet feed.

The functional pre-blends on the basis of our wheat starches are ready-to-use solutions for the production of gravies, aspics and sauces. Depending on the requirements, we can set different viscosities in the process and end-consumer product. All compounds are heat and process stable, thereby making them suitable for autoclaving.

The wheat-based Trigovit® Mix blends can be used to produce sauces and gravies that make a wet feed appealing and improve the stability of the end-consumer product.

Properties of wheat-based blends:

  • Customised, starch-based pre-blends
  • High binding and thickening capacity in cold and/or hot processes
  • Serve as filling aids for adjusting the viscosity during the process, with simultaneous thickening performance and/or gelation in the end-consumer product
  • Optimisation of sensor technology, optics and texture
  • Process and autoclave stable

Application areas of wheat-based functional blends:

  • Pâtés and wholemeal feed
  • Jellies in moist feed
  • Gravies and sauces in moist feed
  • Binding agent in sausage applications

Application examples of Trigovit® Mix wheat-based functional blends at a glance:

Trigovit® Mix 1

Wheat as the ideal source of flavour for pet food | Crespel & Deiters
  • Trigovit® Tex Granules
  • Trigovit® Starch

Trigovit® Mix 2

Wheat-based products for wet feed as balanced animal feed by the producer Trigea | Crespel & Deiters
  • Trigovit® Tex Flakes
  • Trigovit® Tex Granules
  • Trigovit® Starch

Trigovit® Mix 3

Weizenbasierte Mischungen für pet food von Trigea
  • Trigovit® Tex Flakes
  • Trigovit® Tex Fibre
  • Trigovit® Tex Granules
  • Trigovit® Starch