Innovations made from wheat starch for technical applications.

With the wide range of highly functional wheat-based products, C&D Technical Applications offers customer-specific solutions for the technical applications of numerous industries in the non-food sector. We develop and optimise products and manufacturing processes from wheat-based raw materials such as wheat starch in close cooperation with our customers. This way, we can make end consumer product production more economical and environmentally friendly. Because C&D Technical Applications’ solutions made from wheat starch for technical applications, have a great influence on the quality of the end consumer products and the productivity of the production facilities. We aspire to working with the customer and creating tailored solutions for his specific set of objectives.

Benefits of using C&D Technical Applications products:

  • Sustainable system solutions for innovative products or processes to increase product quality and production capacities
  • Making the end consumer product more environmentally friendly
  • Higher efficiency in both production and product
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A variety of technical applications with wheat starch | Crespel & Deiters

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Crespotec® Compaction Optimiser

The possibilities of wheat starch and wheat-based products for technical applications.

The EU starch industry is a pioneer of the organic economy and produces renewable plant ingredients for the food and feed industry, as well as for technical applications. 40 % of the European starch production is used for technical applications.

Thanks to their functional properties, fossil fuels can be substituted by wheat-starch based product solutions. The use of natural raw materials such as wheat starch, enables end consumer products to be biodegradable or recyclable and thus also creates the conditions for a sustainable recycling of industrial goods.

C&D Technical Applications is an experienced producer of wheat-based raw materials for technical applications and a competent partner for a sustainable production process design.