Products from renewable raw materials for the industry.

With its natural raw ingredients, wheat as a renewable raw material provides all the essentials that we need for the development of efficient products. because each constituent part has its own properties and possible applications. Here, sustainability is a major driver of our work and developments. In careful dealings with the renewable raw material wheat, we make full use of the ingredients of the wheat grain and make full use of all of its constituent parts. Knowledge about the performance of each constituent part combined with the high level of development expertise of C&D Technical Applications forms the basis of innovative and customised solutions for customers from a varied range of industries and sectors.

The application of the renewable raw material of wheat offers numerous benefits for numerous procedural technologies in the industry. Whether used as a binder or stabiliser, wheat-based products can replace petro-chemical and synthetic substances in industrial production processes, thereby making products more ecological. With the pioneering solutions made from renewable raw materials C&D Technical Applications makes an important contribution to sustainable recycling management in the industry.

More on the applications of renewable raw materials in the industry

Here, you can find out more about the application possibilities of products manufactured on the basis of renewable raw materials in the industry.

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Sampling of the products made from renewable raw materials in the in-house technical centre for technical applications in the industry.

The many technical possibilities in our state-of-the-art technical centre support the innovative power and development competence of C&D Technical Applications for new solutions in the industry. While we analyse in our laboratory, new developments made from renewable raw materials are tested in the technical centre. Here we are able to carry out preliminary trials that show us to which extent initial formulation batches work for new wheat-based solutions work in technical applications . This allows us to develop individual solutions for the production challenges of our customers in industry quickly and reliably, and to test them directly on a laboratory scale. For the scale-up, we also establish contact between the customer and possible machine manufacturers, if desired. With an own micro-compactor, we can perform consistent compacting of granulates with a downstream granulation crusher, or the production of briquettes in order to create feasibility studies for industry customers in a rapid and targeted manner.

Equipment in the C&D Technical Applications technical centre:

  • Various mixing aggregates
  • Laboratory extruder
  • Laboratory spray drier
  • Pellet press

Applications in the C&D Technical Applications technical centre:

  • Roller briquetting
  • Roller compacting with sustainable granulating
  • Digital measurement of compressive, tensile and