C&D Technical Applications is a producer of wheat starch for technical applications.

C&D Technical applications is a producer of wheat starch as well as a competent and pioneering partner for innovations in industry sectors where the use of wheat-based raw materials and additives can sustainably improve end consumer products and production processes. Our focus is always on the key aspects of sustainability, cost-effectiveness, productivity, and quality. In-depth knowledge about the performance of natural raw materials and the highly developed skills of our chemists and engineers form the basis for innovative, customised products.

C&D Technical Applications for technical applications:

  • Knowledge covering a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Development of tailored solutions for efficient optimisation of the economic end product manufacturing
  • A variety of different application possibilities for our products
  • Competent partner for the sustainable organisation of production processes
  • Highly functional binding agents made from renewable raw materials
As a producer of wheat starch for technical applications, we have many years of experience in research and development | Crespel & Deiters

Development and Sampling:

With its natural raw ingredients, wheat as a renewable raw material provides all the essentials that we need for the development of efficient products. Because every constituent part has its own properties and technical application possibilities.

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As a producer of wheat starch for technical applications, we consult our customers with a holistic approach, helping them to find the best solution | Crespel & Deiters

Consultation close to the customer:

Comprehensive advice, in-house research and development, and deep technical knowledge of production processes give our industrial customers the confidence to adopt pioneering approaches with the natural raw material wheat. It is to that end that our application technicians work closely with our customers.

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Here you can find out more about the application possibilities of products manufactured on the basis of renewable raw materials in the industry.

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Innovative solutions for technical applications

Purely chemical-based solutions for technical applications are often no longer up-to-date or sustainable. C&D Technical Applications offers sustainable product solutions based on the natural, renewable raw material of wheat to a wide range of industries. In close cooperation with our customers, we use these solutions to optimise products and manufacturing processes that can make the end consumer product production more efficient and environmentally friendly. The possible applications of our functional wheat-based products are manifold. The binding agents from C&D Technical Applications help with pelletising, briquetting and granulating. Our starch products’ bonding strength can be used to make frequently-discarded reusable materials economically viable for recycling. With our wheat-based products we support the go-green trends of industrial processes and products. Waste products from manufacturing and end consumer products are more biodegradable or recyclable with our products. Our products are also suitable for various mixing systems in various industries.

C&D Technical Applications services:

  • Production yield: The product yield of the end consumer product can be increased with the use of high-quality raw materials and optimised processes
  • Use of energy: Well-controlled production processes, combined with ideally-adjusted additives help to reduce specific energy consumption.
  • Simple handling: Our high-performance additives, for example, provide easy and versatile processability of the end consumer products.
  • Quality: The functional characteristics of our natural raw materials can increase the quality of the end consumer product. Our starch products offer numerous possibilities of doing this.
  • Production capacity: Production capacity can be increased by using high-quality natural raw materials, thereby optimising the composition of the product components.
  • Environmental friendliness: With the substitution or reduction of chemical ingredients, the end consumer products are developed in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  • Economic feasibility: In many cases, cost-effectiveness can be increased or sometimes made possible in the first place, by replacing the high-priced constituent parts and optimising the production processes.
  • Efficiency: We develop and produce wheat-based solutions so that our customers can achieve more with less and so that, together, we can conserve our planet’s resources.

Doing the right things

In briquetting, ensuring the optimal dosage of binder and water is crucial for an optimised process that saves costs and increases system performance.

With our Crespotec® Compaction Optimiser, which was developed specifically for briquetting, you have a tool that allows you to use only as much binder and water as is necessary to achieve an optimal result.

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