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High performance adhesives made from wheat starch for ecological packaging

Progressive climate change and resource scarcity are increasingly challenging our society to rethink many aspects of everyday life. Reducing and avoiding plastic packaging is an important long-term goal of the public, politicians and legislators. The C&D Corrugating & Paper brand of the Crespel & Deiters Group specializes in adhesive concepts made from natural wheat starch. These help to make corrugated packaging recyclable many times over, improve the quality of the paperboard and also increase the productivity of the plant. Thanks to their properties, the adhesives can contribute to sustainable recycling management and promote compliance with statutory recycling quotas.

Crespeo – Optimum efficiency with more nature!

In addition to parameters such as quality, availability and pricing structures, in modern livestock farming economic, environmental and agricultural politics objectives also always play a crucial role in feed production. So how do you combine optimum nutrient provision, naturalness, sustainability and economic efficiency?

Trigea – Because pets deserve healthy, sustainable nutrition!

Our pets – the dog isn't just there for hunting and the purpose of the barn cat isn't just to catch mice. More than ever before, we consider our pets to be part of our families. That is why the well-being and health of their pets is becoming increasingly important to pet owners. As a result, trends from the food industry are transferring over to the market for pet nutrition.

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Wheat relaunch 2020: C&D Petfood & Feed becomes Trigea and Crespeo

C&D Petfood & Feed was previously Crespel & Deiters brand for pet food, livestock feed and high-grade wheat-based feed for agricultural enterprises. In order to customise our assortment of products and services even better, we divided one brand into two: Trigea for pet food and Crespeo for livestock feed.

“Germany Saves Food” action week

What does the “Germany Saves Food” action week have to do with Crespel & Deiters, an industrial company that extracts starch and protein from wheat? A great deal, because the appreciation of food and the prevention of waste starts right at the top of the value chain. What counts is not only the behaviour of consumers in the consumer society, but also behaviour in the upstream industrial stages.

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The Crespel & Deiters Group

We have been closely associated with the natural raw material wheat and its variety of possible uses for 160 years. In intensive research and development, with experience and vision, combined with a profound knowledge of wheat grain, we are constantly creating new functional products for customer-specific applications in the food and non-food sectors.

In the Crespel & Deiters blog you will learn a great deal about the raw material wheat, our work and our company. Apart from this, we also reflect on current topics in the industry for you.


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