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Nature’s finest

How wheat-based raw materials increase the functionality of animal feeds and create additional nutritional value

Today, the animal feed industry develops well-wrought nutrition concepts for pets and livestock. As is the case with people, animals also benefit from the wheat kernel’s valuable ingredients.

With our high-quality, wheat-based raw materials, we support the feed industry with the production of healthy feed for pets and livestock. For this, we utilise the large number of benefits offered by wheat as a provider of nutrients. Our wheat protein is a valuable source of protein and very well-suited both as an ingredient for pet food and as food for ornamental and edible fish.

More naturalness, taste, texture, and stability in the feed

Product applications for producers in the animal feed

The optimal product is selected from the C&D Petfood & Feed portfolio on the basis of the goals that are defined in cooperation with the customer, or an individual solution for the special customer requirements is developed.

Connected to nature is the claim of the C&D Petfood & Feed corporate division. And that with good reason. C&D Petfood & Feed’s high-quality wheat-based raw materials not only improve the quality and performance of pet food, they also increase the feed’s naturalness. Holistic solutions optimise food for dogs, cats, birds, and ornamental fish. Sustainable liquid feed serves as a single feed for livestock. C&D Petfood & Feed’s functional raw materials ensure optimum texture and stability, in addition to, depending on the application, increased naturalness and flavour of the feed. What is more, they can also give the final product its desired appearance.

C&D Petfood & Feed – Partner of the Animal Feed Industry:

  • Contribution to balanced, natural nutrition for pets and livestock
  • Competent manufacturer of binding agents and stability systems
  • Petfood: Solutions for optimising the end product and for improving the recipe or the production procedure
  • Feed: Products for healthy, tasty, energy- and nutrient-rich livestock feed

TRIGOVIT – healthy and efficient products for the animal feed industry

Under the name of TRIGOVIT, C&D Petfood & Feed develops natural, healthy products from the wheat grain’s ingredients, which are used as additives in liquid and dry feeds. Modified starches, textured wheat proteins, extruded swelling flours, and wheat extracts and fibres give the feed its naturalness, texture and stability. Apart from that, they also ensure a good appearance and optimum haptic properties. In addition, with their valuable nutrients, the wheat-based raw materials create nutritional value.

TRIGOVIT products have a meat-like texture and unique crunchiness. This makes them ideal as meat substitutes in feed, for example.

Petfood: Optimisation of the end-consumer product

With Trigea, pet food's functionality is improved, and it becomes more balanced and economically feasible with products made from natural raw materials | Crespel & Deiters

The wheat-based solutions of C&D Petfood & Feed integrate the nutrients of wheat in the animal feed in an easily digestible and highly available manner.

Feed: Energy and health for livestock

With its natural wheat-based raw materials, Petfood & Feed contributes to a nutrient-rich, healthy feeding of farm animals. Thereby, it ensures constant weight increase and optimal growth for the animals.

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