Certified quality management for wheat-based products.

Crespel & Deiters’ core innovation promise is supported by the knowledge, experience and professionalism manifested in the quality of all our processes and products. In order to assure this at all times, we have installed mandatory quality management across the entire Group. From the selection of wheat-based raw materials, to the controlling of handling processes and the delivery of products, all process steps at Crespel & Deiters are analysed, inspected and evaluated. The efficiency of our production processes ensures that our product quality always remains high. Thanks to the quality assurance that is performed throughout the entire production process, we are able to absorb the natural quality fluctuations found in the natural raw material and create consistently reliable products. Permanent product availability for customers is also ensured by structured processes and pro-active planning.

Our quality management at a glance:

  • Analytics during the entire process
  • Direct usability of the product by the customer
  • Certified quality management as per ISO-Norm 9001 plus a prevention system and HACCP system (defined in accordance with ISO 22000)
  • Compliance with all quality parameters

Certified quality management in the food and non-food area:

Find out more about the consistent quality management and certificates of our brands Loryma, C&D Corrugating & Paper, C&D Technical Applications, Trigea and Crespeo, in the development and production of functional wheat-based products.

Quality assurance at Loryma
Quality assurance at C&D Corrugating & Paper
Quality assurance at C&D Technical Applications
Quality assurance at Trigea
Quality assurance at Crespeo

Certified quality management

The Crespel & Deiters Group processes a natural, renewable agricultural commodity. The production of our wheat-based raw materials, such as wheat starches, wheat proteins, wheat fibres and wheat extracts is done according to the food standard.

All of the Crespel & Deiters Group certificates are available here as a PDF download.

Our quality management

Wheat has been the basis of our work for 160 years. For Crespel & Deiters, a core issue in everything we do is finding the best way to make use of the natural advantages of wheat. With certified high quality standards, within our quality management we consistently ensure high efficiency for our products and the highest level of protection for our planet. In order to satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers, we constantly work on optimising our products and services and adapting these to the challenges posed by application technology, science and regulatory issues.

Quality management for maximum product quality

The processes are managed and implemented by our quality management system in accordance with ISO-Norm 9001. Starting with the selection of the raw materials through to the control of handling processes and on to the delivery of the finished products, all process steps at Crespel & Deiters are analysed, inspected and evaluated, and the required intervention measures ensure that safe and high-quality products are manufactured.

Quality management for maximum product availability

In addition to product quality and safety, the availability of our products is also very important to our customers. Permanent product availability is ensured by Crespel & Deiters using a professional internal risk management system within its quality management that, in particular, supports the implementation and regular updating of preventative measures to avoid and mitigate risks.

Quality management

Our quality management ensures compliance and maintenance of norms and standards:

  • Specification of the processes, as required by the norms and standards
  • Support of the responsible process owners in introducing and implementing the processes in the respective divisions
  • Verification of compliance with the agreed processes
  • Annual assessment and analysis of the effectiveness of introduced processes
  • Implementation of specified targets according to the respective applicable company strategy
  • Planning & execution of internal and external audits

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance accompanies new products and product-relevant processes from development and implementation to standard manufacturing in production:

  • Strategic planning, monitoring and steering of all product and process-relevant quality parameters
  • Group-wide harmonisation and continued development of the analytical measurement methods and deployed systems
  • Coordination of group-wide complaint management
  • Education and training activities

Quality control

Our quality control supports quality assurance effectively and operatively with analyses and tests:

  • Chemical, physical and micro-biological analyses to test quality characteristics of raw materials, auxiliary materials, intermediate products, finished products, feed, fresh water, reserve samples, outside samples, waste water, products from job order production and much more
  • Documentation and tracking of all analysis results
  • Test equipment monitoring
  • Management of all retention samples