Our non-food competence: Starch for corrugated board and technical applications.

C&D Corrugating & Paper and C&D Technical Applications offer a high degree of technical expertise in the non-food sector when it comes to the development and production of wheat starch-based products for the corrugated board production and for the technical applications in a wide variety of industries. With highly functional wheat starch-based products and application-specific solutions, C&D Corrugating & Paper and C&D Technical Applications optimise the end consumer products of industrial customers or create added value in their production.

How wheat starch-based high performance adhesives optimise corrugated board productions:

  • Consistent production performance, thanks to reliable adhesive quality
  • Increased productivity, thanks to full utilisation of the system performance
  • Less waste, thanks to secure bonding
  • Reduced use of adhesive in the bonding process, thanks to optimal composition
  • Resource-saving production through reduced energy consumption
  • High bonding performance across a wide range of grades with efficient adhesives tailored to requirements
  • Optimised energy use through optimally controlled production processes adhsive concepts
  • Economic efficiency of corrugated board production
  • Maximum quality of the corrugated board, thanks to rapid, safe bonding with high-performance adhesives
  • Improved economic efficiency of corrugated board production

How wheat starch-based, highly functional products optimise technical applications:

  • Increasing the yield of the end consumer products by using high quality raw materials
  • Reduction of energy consumption through optimally-controlled processes and coordinated raw material components
  • Easy, versatile processing of the end consumer products, thanks to high performance additives
  • Increase in the quality of the end consumer product, thanks to the high functional properties of the natural raw materials
  • Increase in production capacity, by means of the optimised combination of product components
  • More environmental friendliness in both production and product by reducing chemical components
  • Maximum economic feasibility, thanks to the optimisation of the production procedure and the ingredients

C&D Corrugating & Paper – our brand for wheat starch-based adhesive concepts for the corrugated board production.

C&D Corrugating & Paper develops wheat starch-based adhesive concepts for the corrugated board industry | Crespel & Deiters

C&D Corrugating & Paper is a specialist for wheat starch-based adhesive concepts. For more than 30 years, we have been developing and producing customised high performance adhesives for the corrugated board industry that contribute to the cost-efficient manufacturing of high-quality corrugated board. In order to do this, we actively support our customers and provide consultation throughout the entire corrugated board production process. We develop highly functional products and industry-specific solutions on the foundation of natural, wheat-based raw materials. Their use allows our customers to develop their products and manufacturing processes in a more sustainable and economically-feasible manner.

Wheat starch-based adhesive concepts of C&D Corrugating & Paper:

  • High level of industry competence for the production of paper and corrugated board
  • Great experience and knowledge
    • in the development of wheat starch-based high-performance adhesives for corrugated board production
    • in the conception of adhesive application equipment
    • in the production of starches for paper production

High-quality wheat starch and a high level of competence for the production of your corrugated board:

Find out more here about what we can do for you in the non-food sector, when it comes to producing your corrugated board with efficient, wheat starch-based high-performance adhesives.

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C&D Technical Applications – our brand for wheat starch-based products for use in technical applications.

C&D Technical Applications produce highly functional wheat starch-based products for technical applications | Crespel & Deiters

C&D Technical Applications is the producer of highly functional wheat starch-based products for technical applications and the development partner for various industries such as the building materials industry, the metal processing industry, the agricultural industry, the waste management and recycling industry, the textile industry, the chemical industry, the fibre processing industry, and the fuel industry. The functionality of our natural raw material means that C&D Technical Applications is able to offer tailor-made and solution-oriented products to our customers in the processing sectors. Cooperating closely with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions for optimised, economic end product manufacturing. The applications are varied: For instance, the innovations from C&D Technical Applications provide support in pelletising, briquetting and compacting, bonding & binding, as well as mixing & compounding. With pioneering solutions, C&D Technical Applications contributes to making industrial production processes and products more ecological.

High competence for technical applications at C&D Technical Applications:

  • High industry competence for a variety of different technical applications
  • Extensive experience in the development of highly functional wheat starch-based products
  • In-depth knowledge in the conception of industry-specific solutions
  • Holistic consulting and competent support during the innovation process
  • Wide range of product applications such as pelleting, briquetting, granulating, bonding & binding, as well as mixing & compounding

Highly functional wheat starch-based products for your technical applications:

Find out more about how we can support you in the non-food sector with your technical applications with efficient wheat starch-based products.

All about our work for the technical applications in a variety of different industries

More sustainability, thanks to the use of starch products with technical applications.

In numerous technical sectors and in their technical applications, environmentally-critical ingredients such as mineral oil products can gradually be replaced by renewable, biodegradable starch-based ingredients. We are continuously working on innovations as well as on the expansion of functions and possible areas of use for our starch products in the technical sector. The objective is to satisfy ever-changing customer and consumer needs in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way and to provide answers to pressing questions of our time with new applications.