High-quality feed and products for agriculture and the feed industry.

Using natural, wheat-based raw materials, Crespeo develops products for agricultural enterprises and producers of feed. These include compound feed for livestock husbandry, products that supplement the daily feed rations as well as products that are used for producing liquid and dry feed. Crespeo’s feed serves as a source of flavour, in addition to optimising the administration, e.g. regarding the homogeneity of the feed. Thanks to their high share of natural ingredients, the high availability of the ingredients and a high nutritional-physiological added value, Crespeo’s functional wheat-based products make an important contribution to ensuring the balanced and efficient feeding of livestock, in addition to making the feed more natural. Apart from contributing high energy and performance to the feed, Crespeo’s products improve the balance and acceptance of the animal feed.

Crespeo – Solutions for feeding livestock:

  • Partner of feed producers and agricultural enterprises
  • Compound feed and products to supplement feed rations
  • Natural, energy-rich livestock nutrition
  • Natural binding agent for the animal feed economy
  • High acceptance and preference of the feed
  • High consistency and compensating for natural fluctuations
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Straight feeding stuff and product solutions from wheat:

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More energy for livestock through wheat-based feed.

Crespeo for feed producers

Crespeo’s functional wheat-based products are a valuable provider of nutrients and, thanks to their functionality, they make an important contribution to the production of feed. With sound expertise in the production of feed and scientific knowledge regarding the raw material of wheat, Crespeo offers the perfect basis for successfully mastering the current challenges such as, e.g. the increasing demands that are to be satisfied when it comes to sustainability, quality and availability of safe raw materials. In doing so, Crespeo pursues a holistic approach when it comes to consultation, production and service.

The nutrition-related requirements of the feed, as well as the technological requirements of the processes are taken into account when new products are developed. Crespeo’s products are used as a binding agent and stabiliser in the production of feed or as a high-quality source of nutrients.

Wheat-based nutrient replacement for the rearing of young animals with by-products obtained from the separation of wheat into its constituent parts | Crespel & Deiters

Optimum nutrient supply of young animals with wheat-based milk substitutes:

Crespovit® Flour is a natural, wheat-based nutrient substitute used in milk substitutes and prestarters for rearing calves, piglets and lambs. As such, it offers numerous nutritional benefits. The broken down starch serves as a highly digestible nutrient for the young animals. The pregelatinised flours allow a rapid energy intake, thereby increasing the animals’ development and daily gains. In the feed industry, our wheat pregelatinised flours are used as binders and carriers in fat-containing products.

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Crespovit® wheat proteins are highly-digestible, highly-concentrated wheat proteins obtained from the by-products when separating wheat into its constituent parts, thereby making them suitable for feeding calves and piglets| Crespel & Deiters

Easily digestible wheat proteins for calves and piglets in milk substitutes and prestarters:

Crespovit® Protein is a high-quality source of protein for milk substitutes and starter feed for rearing calves and piglets. With a high protein content of 82%, Crespovit® Protein is also an ideal protein source in special feeds and feed pellets.

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Functional binders for the production of dry feeds

Crespovit® Starch are broken down wheat starches that can be use both as binders and process aids.

As broken down wheat starches, Crespovit® Starch has a high swelling behaviour, thereby providing a rapidly available source of carbohydrates, which is also well-suited for young animals’ digestive systems.  There is a variety of possible applications. Crespovit® Starch can be used in milk substitutes, in addition to being used as a functional binder for the straight feed industry to adjust pellet properties such as hardness and strength. In high-performance milk feed, for example, the pellet strength prevents pellet abrasion. In addition there also is the homogenisation and stabilisation effect, because the use of Crespovit® Starch prevents the feed from sedimenting. Crespovit® Starch can also be used as a processing aid, as it optimises machinability and allows the product’s viscosity to be adjusted during the process.

Crespeo for agricultural enterprises

As part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, Crespeo has in-depth knowledge gained in the course of 160 years of experience with the natural, renewable raw material of wheat, and it has been a competent and trusted supplier to agricultural businesses for many years.

In our wheat starch factory in Ibbenbüren, we produce sustainable liquid feed as compound feed for livestock farming and for supplementing the daily feed ration. In addition to a high nutritional value, our products are characterised by high feed acceptance and preference.

We perferably use regional wheat for our products. It is onlyparticularly high in nutrients, but also characterised by a high degree of purity. The separation of the wheat into its constituent parts by the Crespel & Deiters Group, and the subsequent development and production of the functional wheat-based products at Crespeo take place in process sequences and process environments that satisfy all requirements for a safe and hygienic production.

With the functional Crespovit® products by Crespeo you feed high quality products sustainably, economically and 100% GMO-free.


Wheat-based liquid feed for the wholesome nutrition of cattle, obtained from by-products or the breaking down of wheat into its constituent parts | Crespel & Deiters

Optimum nutrient supply of cattle with wheat-based feed:

As a wheat-based liquid feed, Crespovit® Intermix contains easily digestible carbohydrates. They are mainly broken down in the rumen, meaning they provide the cattle with energy that is rapidly available. If Crespovit® Intermix is mixed into the basic feed, this energy can be utilised to the greatest possible degree. Moreover, Crespovit® Intermix ensures an optimum nutrient supply.

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Wheat-based liquid feed for the balanced feeding of pigs| Crespel & Deiters

Optimum nutrient supply of pigs with wheat-based feed:

Crespovit® Extract und Crespovit® Starch ensure balanced, nutrient-reduced feeding. The wheat-based liquid feeds offer great acceptance of the feed and a high nutritional value in pigs’ nutrition.

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