Optimal nutrient supply with wheat starch and protein-containing feed.

For consumers, good and healthy food is an important measure of quality of life today. Food that is made without genetic engineering, pays attention to animal welfare and climate protection are becoming increasingly important, and the entire animal value chain is increasingly being focussed on by the public. In addition to this ongoing development, economic, environmental and agricultural policy issues play a key role in the optimal nutrient supply of farm animals.

Sustainability, the secured availability of raw materials as well as a growing demand for natural, healthy ingredients in feed are current challenges that the producers of feed and animal husbandry farms are facing.

As part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, Crespeo is a reliable partner of the feed industry and agricultural enterprises. We have been working with the universal natural product of wheat consistently and sustainably for more than 160 years. We are driven to further develop the great variety of different possible uses of the raw material of wheat, as part of the solution for the challenges we are facing in the present times. The growing demand calling for sustainable and protein-containing feed or also for mixed feed, which is aligned to the individual needs of the animal keeper, is aligned to two important examples.

Based on wheat-based raw material, Crespeo develops solutions that contribute to the optimal supply of nutrients for livestock and give the end-consumer products their desired functionality. The product solutions of Crespeo are used in the production of feed as a binding agent, stabiliser or also as a high-quality source of nutrients. With their functional properties, they can also optimise the production process of feed and make the products more economically feasible.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge regarding the natural raw material of wheat and the high level of competence of Crespeo in research, as well as in the further development of innovative products for the production of protein-containing feed, it is a reliable partner of the feed economy.

Crespeo Products

  • Are based on the renewable, local raw material of wheat
  • are natural binding agents and stabilisers
  • contribute to an optimal supply of nutrients with carbohydrates and proteins
  • sustainably improve the functionality of the product
  • are GMO-free

Protein-containing feed for more nature in feed:

Take up contact with us and find out more about the production of our feed, e.g. protein-containing feed with natural ingredients on the basis of wheat. Our experts are happy to consult you.

Wheat proteins
Wheat starches
Wheat extract
Pregelatinised wheat flours

Optimisation of feed with natural ingredients.

Crespeo pursues a holistic approach in consultation, production and service. The customer is always at the heart of everything we do. His requirements regarding the product as well as the process are the foundation for our work, while ensuring compliance with the high feed standards.

In the development of our products, we utilise the large number of benefits offered by wheat as a provider of nutrients. Ingredients such as starch, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibres are substantial and contained in a well-balanced ratio in our products. Competence, performance and experience in the development and production of wheat-based products:

  • Partner of the feed economy and animal husbandry enterprises
  • More than 160 years of experience with the natural raw material of wheat
  • Contribution to the nutrient-rich, sustainable feeding of livestock
  • Increasing of the share of natural ingredients in feed
  • Producer of protein-rich feed from the regional raw material of wheat
  • Product development that is precisely aligned to the customers’ needs