Wheat starch as high-quality and functional feed.

Like humans, animals also benefit from the wheat kernel’s valuable ingredients. Each constituent part has its own properties and possible applications. Wheat starch is not only an outstanding source of carbohydrates. Thanks to its functional properties as feed, it can be used in a variety of areas. Wheat starch is highly process-stable and forms reliable, firm gels. In dried form, it develops binding and stabilising properties for feed producers.

These nutritional and physiologically functional properties are highly appreciated by the agricultural enterprises as well as by feed producers.

Crespeo offers a comprehensive selection of wheat starch products for livestock.

Feed manufacturers

Feed manufacturers use the functional properties of wheat starch. Crespeo wheat starches are optimal binders for feed pellets or serve as release agents and carriers for specialty feeds. Crespeo wheat starches are also used to stabilise milk replacers and prestarters.

Products for feed industry

Agricultural businesses

Thanks to their high nutritional value, Crespeo’s products are energy-rich liquid feeds that also have functional properties.

Products for agriculture

Dry and liquid wheat starches for industry and agriculture:

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Wheat starch for the feed industry

Wheat starch Crespovit® Starch:  Dried wheat starch as a binding agent and stabiliser for the feed industry.

The Crespovit® Starch dried wheat starches are highly broken down wheat starches, which have a high swelling behaviour. This also makes them a readily available source of carbohydrates, which can also be digested easily by young animals. The application possibilities are manifold. Crespovit® Starch can be used in milk substitutes, in addition to being used as a functional binder for the compound feed industry to adjust pellet properties such as hardness and strength. In high-performance milk feed, for example, the pellet strength prevents pellet abrasion. In addition, it also has a homogenisation and stabilisation effect, because the use of Crespovit® Starch prevents feed from sedimenting. Crespovit® Starch can also be used as a processing aid, as it optimises machinability and allows the product’s viscosity to be adjusted during the process.


  • High swelling ability (cold-swelling)
  • Water absorption capacity is individually adjustable
  • High binding and thickening properties
  • Broken down, rapidly available carbohydrates
  • Improvement of juiciness and minimum shelf life
  • Stabilisation and homogenisation of solutions


  • Optimal binder for feed pellets
  • As release agent and carrier for special feed
  • For the stabilisation of milk substitutes

Wheat starch products for agricultural enterprises

Energy-containing liquid feed for feed mixtures, for the sustainable, high-quality and economically feasible feeding of pigs.

Pigs are very discerning when it comes to their feed and the way they are fed. Crespeo’s Crespovit® Starch liquid feed enables the natural, high-quality feeding of pigs with maximum acceptance.

Crespeo’s Crespovit® Starch is a liquid, functional feed with a high starch share of at least 65 %. Crespovit® Starch offers functional properties such as an increase of viscosity, pressability and shaping, especially after starch swelling. Thanks to its valuable ingredients, such as highly digestible protein, pregelatinised raw fibres, pentosans and minerals, it is suited for a variety of different application areas. The low pH-value of the liquid feed of only 3.8 minimises the risk of disease transmission, thereby making the raw fibre ingredients more digestible for pigs.

This guarantees the high quality of Crespel & Deiters’ processed and refined wheat. Only EU wheat is used for the production of Crespovit® Starch, at least 75% of which comes from German cultivation. This guarantees that the raw material contains no genetically modified constituent parts. Apart from this, the high-quality EU wheat is both high in nutrients and characterised by a high degree of purity. Stringent supply-chain specifications ensure that all upstream processes are evaluated in accordance with an HACCP system, and possible risks regarding chemical, physical and microbiological contamination are minimised or excluded. Crespovit® Starch was developed according to the EFISC/GMP+ and Vlog standards and is chemical-free.

Crespovit® Starch
TS 32
Starch* 70 %
Protein* 7 %
Raw fiber* 1,8 %
Raw grease* 3,6 %
Raw ash* 0,9 %
ME pig MJ/kg 15
Lysine 0,3 %

*Ø 88% TS


  • High share of starch
  • Energy-containing liquid feed
  • Contains highly-digestible protein, raw fibres and pentosan
  • Functional properties like viscosity increase, pressability and shaping


  • Energy-containing compound feed for pigs, nutrient-rich liquid feed for feed mixtures

Crespovit®  Intermix: Wheat starch products for agricultural enterprises

Crespeo’s Crespovit® Intermix is a highly digestible, wheat-based energy feed for use in cattle and dairy cow feeding.

The proteins contained in Crespovit® Intermix consist of a higher share of wheat albumin and globulin fraction. Albumins and globulins are very soluble proteins that strengthen the animals’ immunity. The high protein degradability in the rumen also provides plenty of energy, which makes it possible to increase the animal population’s performance potential. Crespovit® Intermix has less cell wall-bound insoluble pure protein than wheat (only 1/3), which leads to a higher protein digestibility, as cell wall-bound insoluble pure protein is not digestible by cattle.

Compared to feed wheat, Crespovit® Intermix has low fibre content, high sugar content and 50% less starch. The crude protein content is comparable to feed wheat. Thanks to the high fermentation ability of the feed, the gas formation in HFT and ELOS is comparable with wheat feed.

With Crespovit® Intermix, improved homogenisation of the feed is achieved. With the glueing of the feed components; the animals cannot select. The minerals and the compensating feed stick better to the basic feed, providing a uniform, easy absorption of the entire mixture.

Crespovit® Intermix
pH-value 2,5-4,0
convertible energy
(ME cattle)
13,7 MJ/kg TS
NEL 8,77 MJ/kg TS

Liquid straight feeding stuff for ruminants

The flowability of the liquid feed ensures that the animals are provided not only with important nutrients but also with sufficient liquid.

The use of liquid feed is not yet widespread in dairy feeding, but water is often added to rations to reduce the total TM content of the ration. Here, Crespovit Intermix is a possible alternative that simultaneously increases the ration’s feed value. This way, in combination with basic feed, the cattle’s high nutrient and energy requirements can be optimally covered.

Crespovit® Intermix is chemical-free and complies with EFISC/GMP+ and Vlog standards.

The benefits of the Crespovit® Intermix liquid feed in feeding cattle:

  • Liquid compound feed for ruminants
  • Sustainable energy feed with natural, GMO-free ingredients
  • Highly digestible feed, with high protein degradability in the rumen
  • The proteins contained consist of a higher share of wheat albumin and globulin fraction
  • High protein solubility
  • Improved homogenisation of the feed leads to reduced selection on the feeding table
  • High acceptance of the feed