Protein-rich compound feed for pigs.

The optimal composition of feed for pigs improves the animals’ health, and the air both in the stable and the environment and additionally has a positive effect on producers’ feed costs. Whether in small businesses or large pig fattening farms – Crespeo’s liquid feed offers high nutritional value with great acceptance of the feed.

The liquid feed of Crespeo, Crespovit® Extract, provides balanced feed with broken down starch and easily digestible protein. High-quality amino acids ensure a significant increase in performance. The milk acids in the feed, which are formed during the gentle, slow fermentation of the wheat in the production process, provide additional energy. Crespovit® Extract ensures the homogenisation of the feed, which provides a uniform, easy absorption of the entire mixture for pigs.

Wheat extract Crespovit® Extract: Wheat-based starch-rich liquid feed for pigs.

Crespeo’s Crespovit® Extract is a liquid, starch-rich compound feed on the basis of wheat for the high-quality feeding of pigs.

Thanks to the accompanying quality assurance during the entire production process at Crespeo, the natural qualitative fluctuations of the raw material wheat are absorbed, and consistently reliable products are produced that guarantee an optimal supply of feed, all year round. Continuous examinations in the laboratory also guarantee the year-round high quality of Crespovit® Extract. The low pH-value of the liquid feed of only 3.8 minimises the risk of disease transmission and makes the raw fibre ingredients more digestible for pigs.

Crespovit® Extract has a slightly acidic and therefore appetizing taste. Thanks to its high content of highly digestible protein, soluble, swollen raw fibres, pentosans, minerals and lactic acid from fermentation, the protein-rich feed provides pigs with optimal nutrition and energy. It also ensures that the feed in the trough is sufficiently homogeneous. The high lactic acid content, which results from the gentle and controlled fermentation during production, provides additional energy. Crespovit® Extract complies with the EFISC/GMP+ and Vlog standards and contains no chemicals.

Crespovit® Extract
TS 22
Starch* 31 %
Protein* 10,5 %
Raw fiber* 0,9 %
Raw grease* 3,4 %
Raw ash* 2,9 %
ME pig MJ/kg 14
Lysine 0,5 %

*Ø 88% TS

Properties of wheat extracts:

  • Solely plant-based liquid feed production
  • Gently fermented and concentrated
  • High-quality and physiologically valuable compound feed
  • Contains important protein, crude fibres and pentosans, as well as lactic acid from fermentation
  • Broken down, starch offers rapid and easily digestible energy
  • Appetising
  • Homogenisation effect
  • High binding and thickening properties

Application areas of wheat extracts:

  • Liquid compound feed for pigs

Crespovit® Extract offers producers natural, high-quality wheat-based products for livestock feeding, with maximum acceptance. With Crespeo’s functional Crespovit® products, you can feed high-quality products sustainably, economically and 100% GMO-free.