Development of high-quality feed from wheat-based raw materials of the starch industry.

Due to the consistent growth of the world population, the need for animal protein for human nutrition is also increasing. The livestock farming industry makes a major contribution when it comes to supplying animal-based food.

Livestock is valuable. Livestock farming’s success depends on an adapted, sustainable and efficient feeding system that contributes to a high quality of milk and meat.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important when it comes to feeding farm animals. With optimised feeding, a significant contribution can be made to protecting the climate. Selected raw materials help not only to improve nutrient utilisation and to reduce nutrient emissions, but also to improve animal health.

With its natural wheat-based products, Crespeo contributes to a nutrient-rich, healthy feeding of farm animals, and thus ensures their steady weight increase and optimal growth. Crespeo produces high-quality physiological feed from the domestic raw material wheat. As compound feed or also to supplement the daily feed ration.

Crespeo for the feed industry and agriculture:

  • Partner of the feed industry and agricultural enterprises
  • Contribution to nutrient-rich, sustainable feeding
  • Optimisation of both the feed’s taste and administration
  • Increasing the share of natural ingredients in the feed
Comprehensive consulting services in the product development of wheat-based raw materials for the customer characterise the cooperation with thestarch-industry producer Crespeo | Crespel & Deiters

Well-balanced raw materials for animal feed from the starch industry:

Sustainable performance-oriented feeding is one of the basic components of modern animal husbandry. Animals can only achieve the desired daily gains and performance with nutrient-rich and healthy feed. Crespeo’s natural, highly functional wheat-based products, made from wheat-based raw materials, contribute to balanced feeding and, at the same time, their technological properties can support the production process. As an experienced producer in the starch industry, we stand by our customer’s side in a continuous consultation process, right from the outset.

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Crespeo offers high development competence for highly functional products made from wheat-based raw materials as a renowned manufacturer from the starch industry | Crespel & Deiters

Production of feed from products coming from the starch industry:

Crespeo produces high-quality and physiologically high-grade feeds from wheat, which are obtained through a high-tech process developed by the starch industry. The wheat-based products serve the feed industry as natural binding agents and stabilisers for the production of feed. The feed sourced from starch industry producers, serves as compound feed in the livestock industry and also supplements the daily feed ration. While liquid feed is primarily used for feeding pigs and cattle, our pregelatinised flour is used, e.g. as a stabiliser in milk substitute products, thanks to its good flavour, optimised texture and good usability.

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High-quality, wheat-based products of the starch industry for your industry.

Crespeo offers feed producers and agricultural enterprises natural, functional products that provide optimal solutions for the balanced feeding of livestock. Find the optimal product solutions for your industry.


Connected to nature: Development and production of sustainable feed with products of the wheat-starch industry.

With wheat-based products based on high-quality wheat by-products from the starch industry, Crespeo supports the sustainable, balanced feeding of livestock | Crespel & Deiters

With functional wheat-based products made from high-quality raw materials of wheat, Crespeo makes an important contribution to the feed industry and to agricultural enterprises, when it comes to the nutrient-rich, sustainable feeding of livestock. Thanks its natural ingredients, the wheat-based feed of the producer from the starch industry is a valuable provider of nutrients and source of flavour.

The starch industry is a competent and important partner for the feed industry and agricultural enterprises. Crespeo produces high-quality feed by first separating wheat in a special and by subsequently refining it. | Crespel & Deiters

With its natural ingredients, the renewable, regional raw material wheat provides the basis for the species-appropriate feeding of livestock. The wheat-based products of the starch industry not only make the feed more natural; they also serve to optimise the feed’s taste and administration.

In the starch industry, Crespeo is the long-standing producer of wheat-based products made from high-quality European wheat | Crespel & Deiters

Crespeo’s knowledge regarding the performance of the raw material provides the basis for developing highly functional, wheat-based products for nutrient-rich, sustainable feeding of livestock. As a long-standing producer in the starch industry, Crespeo offers a high level of expertise for agricultural enterprises and the animal feed industry.