Wheat as the basis for an optimal nutrition of livestock.

As part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, Crespeo has in-depth knowledge of the raw material wheat. The renewable raw material of wheat offers us numerous possible applications. With the special way of separating wheat and the subsequent refinement into wheat-based products, Crespeo offers feed producers and agricultural enterprises functional, wheat-based raw materials that respond to the growing requirements that are to be satisfied by livestock feeding in a future-oriented manner.

High consultation competence:

Sustainable performance-oriented feeding is one of the basic components of modern animal husbandry. The animals can only achieve the desired daily weight gains and performance with nutrient-rich and healthy feed. Crespeo’s natural, highly functional wheat-based products contribute to balanced feeding while, at the same time, supporting the production process with their technological properties. As an experienced producer of wheat starch and wheat proteins, we are by the customer’s side in a continuous advisory process, right from the outset.

Thanks to many years of experience and widely based sector expertise, we have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ products and their processes when it comes to producing feed. Honest, constructive cooperation, reliability, trust, and sound consultation are the essential pillars of our actions and stand for our long-term, cross-sector customer relationships.

Functional raw materials made from wheat, for efficient and sustainable livestock feeding

Expertise and production competence in the production of feed:

  • Trusting, close cooperation with customers from the feed industry and agricultural enterprises
  • Competent, sector-related experience and consultation
  • Knowledge from more than 160 years of experience with the natural raw material of wheat

Our consultation approach for feed producers:

Working together in unison

We take a holistic approach in consultation, production and service. The customer is always at the heart of everything we do. His requirements regarding the wheat-based product with regard to the ingredients, the economic efficiency and the process are the basis of our work, while simultaneously ensuring to maintain high feed standards. We cooperate closely with our customers. When selecting products, we pay attention to the feed’s nutritional requirements as well as the technological specifications of the process. Not only do we deliver wheat-based products and high-quality compound feed, but we also support the customer with competent consultation on the use of our products. For this, our consultants are on site and close to the customer.

Your individual customer requirements:

Analysis of the current situation at the beginning of every project:

  • What are the exact goals to be satisfied by the end-consumer product and the mode of action of the wheat-based product for the customer?
  • Which exclusion criteria exists, for instance, regarding the list of ingredients?
  • What is the task that emerges for the end-consumer product?
  • What is the manufacturing process of the product, and which factors have to be taken into account in this regard (e.g. heat, acidity level, pressure, procedure sequences)?

Our development skills:

Mutual definition of objectives: First, we analyse the customer’s current situation, which leads to defining the customer’s specific requirements. These requirements provide the input to jointly defining the precise objectives to be achieved in the project. Its product requirements, with reference to functionality, economic feasibility and ingredients represent the basis for our development work.

Your Product:

Product selection: Based on the analysis of the current situation and the mutually defined goals, the optimal product is either selected from Crespeo’s range, or it is custom-developed for the specific customer requirements.

With Crespeo, you have a strong partner by your side to advise you on the individual application possibilities of the wheat-based products.


Crespeo: Consulting & Service for feed producers

  • Wheat-based product solutions for the optimisation of end-consumer products for feed producers and production processes
  • Holistic approach in consulting, production and service


Would you like to find out more about our consultation service revolving around the balanced, efficient feed, on the basis of high-quality, wheat raw materials? Then feel free to drop us a line! We are happy to provide you with consultation about your possibilities with Crespeo.

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Consultation approach agricultural enterprises:

More than 160 years of experience with wheat by-products for agricultural enterprises: with highly functional and sustainable products, Crespeo makes an important contribution to the balanced feeding of livestock.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of wheat as a raw material, the manufacturing process of wheat-based raw materials can absorb natural fluctuations and produce consistently reliable products that ensure an optimal supply of feed throughout the year.

Crespeo produces high quality and physiological feed for livestock, as compound feed or as a supplement to the daily feed ration.

While our liquid feed Crespovit® Starch is used to feed pigs, thanks to its good taste and optimised consistency, our Crespovit® Intermix liquid feed is a natural supplementary feed for cattle. With the fluidity of the liquid feed, cattle are provided with important nutrients and sufficient liquid.

  • Knowledge gained in more than 160 years of experience with wheat
  • Optimum nutrient supply of pigs and cattle
  • Regional, year-round available products