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How Loryma uses wheat-based raw materials to help improve the stability, texture and taste of industrially-produced foods

What do you need for a really moist and fluffy muffin? The optimal ingredients, a baker who knows his trade and Loryma’s wheat starches. Whether for fluffy baked goods or vegan/vegetarian products – it is largely thanks to Loryma’s food ingredients that they contain more healthy proteins, and the success and delicious taste of the industrially-produced foods is guaranteed. Loryma supports the international food industry in producing and optimising its products, with its natural raw materials from wheat, such as wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends. Apart from the functional application- and customer-specific blends, the pure wheat-based raw materials play an important role in improving the stability, texture and taste of industrially-produced foods.

The safe and more natural success of baked goods is ensured with Loryma’s pure wheat-based raw materials.

Loryma. Take food further.

Loryma is a company of Crespel & Deiters and the food specialist of the Group. As a producer of wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends, Loryma is a reliable and pioneering partner of the international food industry. Loryma raw materials and blends optimise meat products, fish products, vegetarian and vegan products, baked goods, convenience products and confectionery.

More about Loryma

How it all began …

Loryma is founded in Zwingenberg in 1976, at a time when convenience food starts conquering the German market. The company soon made a name for itself as a supplier of stabilisers and emulsifiers for, e.g. delicatessen salads, mayonnaises and ketchup. At the same time, Loryma is researching and developing new possibilities in its own laboratory to respond to upcoming food trends. New food ideas emerge that support food producers in implementing innovative and sustainable food concepts. This soon sees Loryma taking on the role of a strong and visionary partner of the international food industry. Loryma has been a member of the Crespel & Deiters Group since 2001, and it benefits from 160 years of experience in working with wheat-based raw materials. Today, Loryma’s wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends optimise meat products, fish products, vegetarian, and vegan products, as well as baked goods, convenience products and confectionery.

Loryma’s own product development department creates new solutions for industrial food production.

Pioneering solutions for the food industry

With the rapid growth of the world population, providing people on our planet with a balanced diet that is sufficient to feed them has become a challenge for politics, the economy and the industry. The food industry has the task, the challenge and the vision to provide everyone access to high-quality and affordable food. Neither conventional agriculture, nor the meat industry alone can satisfy the growing global demand. New products need to complement existing food sources. Thus, Loryma is working on making industrially-produced food more natural and contributing in ensuring its availability worldwide. This way, Loryma also supports the food industry in helping it to react to ever new, varying lifestyles with appropriate products. With wheat proteins, native and modified starches as well as functional blends, Loryma is cooperating with the international food industry to develop new, nutritious, economical and tasty foods.

Wheat proteins from Loryma optimise the consistency and nutritional value of a variety of industrially-produced foods.

With native and modified wheat starches, Loryma helps to optimise the customer’s end-consumer product in terms of texture, stability and taste.

Loryma’s functional blends are specifically adapted to the customer’s requirements regarding the stabilisation and texturising of food, and they are even more efficient and sustainable in the resulting combination of raw materials.

Sustainable alternatives to meat …

Health, environmental protection, animal welfare, and global availability are aspects that are making us take a close look at people’s meat consumption. Already today, supplying the entire human race with meat is impossible. In the future, products that supplement or completely replace meat products in a healthy and tasty way will be in great demand. Loryma’s textured wheat proteins and modified starches are valuable solutions for vegetarian or vegan products.

Decades of industry knowledge and product know-how …

With experience and vision, Loryma plays an important role in contributing to the sustainable production of industrial food products.

With its years of experience with wheat proteins, native and modified starches, Loryma has a wide knowledge base and deep understanding of the possibilities and feasibility of raw materials – from proteins and starches to functional application-specific or customer-specific blends. The Food Ingredients specialist provides this knowledge to its food-producing customers, both in the form of product development and in the improvement or modification of existing foods, which results from changing customer needs and consumer trends. At the same time, quality assurance, production reliability and delivery reliability have the highest priority at Loryma.

With high quality and innovative capacity for the challenges of the future …

As a producer and supplier to the food industry, Loryma aims to optimise its customers’ products with high-quality wheat proteins and wheat starches. Loryma wheat products and functional customised blends play an important role in contributing to the stability, texture and taste of industrially-produced foods in the meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, baked goods, convenience, and confectionery industries. Apart from that, the addition of wheat proteins can increase foods’ protein content and support a diet with purely vegetarian proteins.