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Spicy meat alternatives as a sustainable source of protein

Texturised wheat proteins and matching seasoning blends provide flexible

They look like meat. They taste like meat. Yet they are 100% vegetarian or even vegan: Meat alternatives made from textured wheat proteins offer modern-day consumer tasty solutions for a conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Textured wheat proteins provide high-quality protein and can be used as an ingredient to supplement or even completely replace meat in numerous applications. In combination with the matching seasoning mixes, the vegetable proteins offer the food and meat industry a variety of solutions with high added value.

Less is more – for humans, animals and the environment

This also holds true when it comes to satisfying the steadily-growing demand for food, as the result of a constantly growing global population. The new food concepts and veggie products, which can be realised with textured wheat proteins and special seasoning mixtures, offer high sustainability, yet without compromising on the taste. They realise the targets of the Planetary Health Diet for more vegetable-based and less animal food on peoples’ plates. For a healthy diet and a healthy planet.

Sustainable nutrition for all

Consumers’ calls for sustainable and healthy, yet easy to prepare, products are becoming increasingly urgent. The food industry is faced with the challenge of using its expertise and innovation to present new solutions that respond flexibly to consumer needs, in addition to conserving resources and the environment. Wheat-based raw materials and texturates can be part of a solution. Starch and vegetable proteins are obtained from regionally-grown wheat. These EU wheat-based raw materials are GMO-free and produce low transport emissions, thanks to their geographical proximity to the starch producers. What is more, with a yield of 99%, the wheat starch industry achieves almost full raw material utilisation. Apart from this, extrusion provides the food industry with an important tool for ensuring a nutritional basis and for developing alternative, sustainable food concepts.

More about the developer of sustainable food concepts

Wheat – the all-rounder for meat products and their alternatives

Loryma has been developing and producing wheat-based ingredients for nearly 20 years. We supply wheat starches for the meat industry that are targeted at optimising meat products, as well as textured wheat proteins for the production of vegetarian, vegan or hybrid solutions. The textures can perfectly mimic the texture of meat and provide a unique bite and optimal mouthfeel. They are neutral in taste and odourless and can be produced in various shapes and colours. By increasing the protein content and reducing the carbohydrate content of the end-consumer product, they ideally satisfy the trend towards health-conscious, low-carb/high-protein products. The nutritional value is not diminished by the reduction of animal protein. Much rather, the mix of different plant proteins provides the human body with an equivalent supply of essential amino acids.

Novel Protein Food: High-quality meat alternatives with innovative extrusion methods

Lory® Tex wheat proteins provide a meat-like texture and unique crunchiness. As a purely vegetable protein source, they are ideal texture enhancers for vegetarian and vegan products.

Loryma’s wheat texturates are natural products obtained with the help of physical processes. Extrusion is the key to creating attractive, high-quality and technologically-sophisticated meat alternatives. Using this production technique, the native textures of the protein fractions are dissolved in the course of an extrusion process. Using pressure and temperature, the basic raw material is pressed through a defined opening, realigned and stabilised in a final step, so that it ultimately retains its given shape. With the help of extrusion, Loryma texturates offer a variety of design options for the end-consumer product as regards their texture and stability.

Extruded wheat textures for optimal further processing

Sometimes special applications also require customised ingredients. To find the optimal solution for each customer and each individual product, Loryma supports the customer’s internal Research & Development with innovative technology and individual analysis. The customers’ needs and requirements are defined in mutual cooperation, and customised, customer-specific formulations are developed.

Loryma’s textured wheat proteins demonstrate very high water-binding capacities in addition to good agglomeration properties. This means that weight loss during processing can be reduced to a minimum, and the product remains moist even during prolonged warming. In addition, undesired water leakage during preparation is consistently avoided. Apart from this, the extrudates can be processed without any complications: After a short swelling time, they are simply processed as usual, together with the other ingredients. The products thus manufactured can be snap-frozen during all stages of their processing – as a basic mass, as raw mouldings such as patties or nuggets, or as breaded and pre-fried semi-finished products – and kept in interim storage or sold and in a frozen state.

The secret ingredient: the right seasoning

Successful meat alternatives look like meat and taste like meat but, apart from that, offer all the ethical, sustainable and health-related benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Loryma’s texturised wheat proteins play out all their fully range of possibilities in the production process. They are odourless and tasteless, thus making them ideal for imitating a wide range of applications. Every kind of vegetarian or vegan products, but also hybrid fish or meat products can be realised with a variety of different forms such as powder, fibres, strips, chunks or flakes, as well as different colours such as cream, light or dark brown. To ensure that the taste is right, perfectly matched seasoning mixtures are created for the end-consumer products.

Weizenprotein (Pflanzliches Protein) Lory® Tex Flakes LCS 110: Für Füllungen, Toppings, Pork, Gyros, Beef, Chicken, Instantnudeln, Instantsuppen, Fleischprodukte, Veggie-Produkte.

Lory® Tex Flakes ICS 110/Creme

Lory® Tex Flakes SBS 111/Light

Weizenprotein (Pflanzliches Protein) Lory® Tex Flakes LDM 111: Für Fleischprodukte, Veggie-Produkte, Chicken, Pork, Gyros, Beef, Instantnudeln, Instantsuppen, Füllungen, Toppings.

Lory® Tex Flakes IDM 111/Darkbrown

Seasoning mixtures for veggie or hybrid products cannot simply be transferred from conventional meat products. Other seasoning touches and significantly higher doses are required. Loryma only uses flavour and aroma variants of herbs, spices, flavours, and functional ingredients that are adapted to the wheat texture applications. The basic seasoning provides the meat-like umami taste. For this purpose, corresponding top notes for the various flavours such as chicken, fish or other aroma creations are added in accordance with the modular principle. With its own laboratory and individual consultation on texture and seasoning, Loryma supports manufacturers in their product development. From meat-free and meat-containing burger patties, meat balls, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks, right up to kebabs, sausages and bratwurst sausages – the combination of various Loryma seasoning mixtures as well as textured wheat proteins and binding systems results in products that are not only convincing in texture and appearance, but, most importantly, in taste.

Efficiently realising new food trends with Lory® Tex

Development in Loryma lab in Zwingenberg

The current market situation also has a significant impact on product developments. Plant-based food, for example, is a consumer trend that is currently experiencing a steep upward trend. There is a great demand, not only from vegetarians, but also from consumers who would like to reduce or substitute their meat consumption for health reasons or because of ethical or environmental concerns. Therefore, not only veggie but also hybrid products are becoming increasingly popular. Today’s consumer is interested in both traditional and modern foods.

A vegan bratwurst, for example, is both classic and innovative. To ensure that it can be authentically prepared in the pan or on the grill, we recommend using textured wheat protein such as Lory® Tex Granules. With a variety of particle sizes and a matching veggie bratwurst seasoning, a wide variety of products can be produced, ranging from a curry sausage, to a fine Nuremberg sausage, or right up to a coarse grilled sausage.

Nuggets are also indispensable in the snack segment. They must bond perfectly with the breading and may not shrink under any circumstances, even if kept warm for a long time. The fibrous Lory® Tex Fibres wheat protein is suitable for the vegan version. The taste of chicken, pork or fish is achieved by using the right mixture of spices. If you prefer something more exotic, go for the vegan doner kebab. Here, small strips of meat are desired, each coated in a pleasantly spicy crust and moist texture on the inside. Lory® Tex Flakes LCS 110 satisfies these requirements with a corresponding doner seasoning.

Lory® Tex Granules

Weizenprotein (Pflanzliches Protein) Lory® Tex Fibres SCM 110: Für Pulled-Produkte, Pork, Chicken, Fisch, Frikadellen, Füllungen und als Meat Extension in Fleischprodukten.

Lory® Tex Fibres

Weizenprotein (Pflanzliches Protein) Lory® Tex Flakes LCS 110: Für Füllungen, Toppings, Pork, Gyros, Beef, Chicken, Instantnudeln, Instantsuppen, Fleischprodukte, Veggie-Produkte.

Lory® Tex Flakes