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Small investment with great effect

Why adhesives are decisive for the efficiency and quality in corrugated board production

Economical production – high quality product

The chemical engineers and materials scientists at Crespel & Deiters are constantly developing new, tailor-made adhesive concepts with a great deal of innovative power and expertise.

The corrugated board industry is all about efficiency, economy and quality. The objective is to produce high-quality corrugated board profitably. The adhesive used to glue the corrugated and smooth paper webs together plays an important role. Although it only accounts for a small share of corrugated board’s production costs, it has a significant impact on the manufacturing process. C&D Corrugating & Paper’s wheat starch-based, high-performance adhesives bear this in mind. They fully utilise the performance of the corrugator with optimised energy and adhesive use, enabling constant production output, thanks to the adhesives’ uniform, excellent performance. This ensures the high quality of the end-consumer product and its economical manufacture.

High-performance products for optimum bonding

C&D Corrugating & Paper’s extensive product portfolio includes a wide variety of high-performance adhesives with particularly good properties for use in corrugated board production. The adhesives ensure optimum bonding on state-of-the-art corrugators, with production speeds of up to 450 m/min. Their favourable product properties even allow corrugated board production at low paper temperatures. The use of C & D Corrugating & Paper’s high-performance adhesives also enables rapid drying of the produced corrugated board. And their functions allow the use of washing water and treated industrial water.


Modern modification technology for producing C&D Corrugating & Paper adhesives

The product portfolio of C&D Corrugating & Paper:

  • Utilise the performance of the corrugated board plant across all paper grades, with optimised energy and adhesive use
  • Constant production performance in the corrugated board plant, thanks to the consistent high-performance of C&D Corrugating & Paper adhesives
  • Extensive knowledge in the field of papers that pose challenges when it comes to adhesion
  • C&D Plant Engineering also develops, creates and modernises complete adhesive processing facilities
More about C&D Corrugating & Paper

Inspection of corrugated board manufactured with C&D Corrugating & Paper high-performance adhesives for wet strength in accordance with FEFCO testing method No. 9

Highest standards for maximum efficiency

Thanks to the experience and competence of its in-house developers and application technicians, C&D Corrugating & Paper has a wealth of knowledge in the field of hard-to-bond papers, such as lightweight, coated and high-density papers, as well as virgin fibre. In addition, the product range also includes adhesives and additives for the special application of moisture-resistant glue, in accordance with FEFCO Testing Method No. 9. Thanks to the selective processing and modification of wheat starch and the use of cutting edge technologies, C&D Corrugating & Paper creates products that are precisely tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. All products are manufactured in accordance with internationally-recognised standards and subject to intensive quality assurance. Thus, throughout the entire development process, the natural fluctuations of the raw material wheat can be compensated to a great extent, and adhesives can be produced with consistent reliability.

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