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Trigea – Because pets deserve healthy, sustainable nutrition!

Trigea produces wheat-based products for pet food | Crespel & Deiters

Our pets – the dog isn’t just there for hunting and the purpose of the barn cat isn’t just to catch mice. More than ever before, we consider our pets to be part of our families. That is why the well-being and health of their pets is becoming increasingly important to pet owners. As a result, trends from the food industry are transferring over to the market for pet nutrition. An increasing demand for nutrient-rich, healthy pet food and regional raw materials has become evident over the years. Trigea provides multi-functional feed components that give manufacturers flexible options to create all-round products with added value.

Trigea – Refining pet food

Trigea is the Crespel & Deiters Group’s brand for the development of functional wheat-based products for the production and optimisation of both wet and dry pet food in the animal feed industry. Our functional products and wheat-based solutions support producers in optimising and enriching their products.

Our goals in two sentences:

  • With the natural ingredients of wheat, we help the animal feed industry make pet food more natural.
  • As a producer of functional wheat-based products, we improve the binding capacity and administration and thereby the functionality of the pet food’s end products.

Only the best for pets – Wheat solutions from Trigea

Our functional wheat-based products open new possibilities for pet food manufacturers to improve their products while meeting the standards of both people and their pets. Trigea meets sustainability and regional requirements with 100 % GMO-free wheat that is only grown in the EU.

Protein-rich plant products are indispensable when it comes to supplementing and substituting meat components in pet food. Thanks to our wheat know-how we can separate wheat in such a way as to extract the precious wheat protein and enrich pet food with valuable amino acids.

The Trigovit® Protein product line provides wheat protein in native and hydrolysed form for snacks, wet food and dry food. Trigea’s wheat source flour Trigovit® Flour and Trigovit® Mix, our custom wheat-based blends, impress with high binding and thickening attributes to make sauces and gravies even tastier. In addition, they optimise the texture, appearance and sensory features of the final product.

Trigea’s Trigovit® Starch product line features modified wheat starches. They are used for various applications, yet are primarily suited as binding and thickening agents in all kinds of feed. They are excellent at providing flexibility, crispiness and crunchiness in snacks and chew bones. That is how Trigovit® Starch makes the chewing experience even better for pets.

Weizenbasierte Mischungen für pet food von Trigea

Trigovit® protein in native and hydrolysed form are used in snacks, for wet or moist feed as well as for dry feed and improve the texture, appearance and sensory properties of the end product.

Trigovit® wheat starches are ideal as a binding system and for improving functionalities such as bite resistance and flexibility.

C&D Petfood & Feed was previously Crespel & Deiters brand for pet food, livestock feed and high-grade wheat-based feed for agricultural enterprises. We turned it into two brands: Trigea for pet applications and Crespeo for livestock applications.

More information in our blog post Wheat relaunch 2020: C&D Petfood & Feed becomes Trigea and Crespeo

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