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Snack better with wheat

Delicious, low-calorie and high-fibre: high-protein snacks with wheat-based binding agents.

Can wheat make you happy? Definitely, when it is a wheat-based binding agent that makes snacks tastier, reduces calories and increases their protein content. This is exactly what consumers want today: no regrets. Products that fit right in with a healthy lifestyle but don’t forget the aspect of enjoyment. Whereas snacking was once considered unhealthy eating, it is today seen as small meals that consumers expect to be both healthy and tasty. Snacking is the new, conscious way of enjoying food! Changing dietary behaviour is determining current and future food supply.

Wheat-based binding agent for healthy snacks.

Manufacturers use Loryma’s wheat-based binding agents to create and produce healthy snacks efficiently, allowing optimal adjustment to their customers’ changing requirements. Lory® Bake Cereal binders offers the basis for new, innovative food concepts and future food innovations that satisfy the snacking requirements of people who want both health and enjoyment. Since the wheat-based binder is 100 per cent vegetable, it also covers the vegan market orientation. By refining and combining high-quality wheat-based raw materials, Loryma creates solutions that optimise nutritional values through protein and fibre enrichment as well as calorie reduction, yet without compromising functionality. Thus, when it comes to the production of cereal snacks, Lory® Bake Cereal Binder is a binding compound that is rich in protein and fibre, in addition to being low in sugar, and a healthier and lower-calorie alternative to conventional sugar-based and sugar-containing stabilising systems.

The Lory® Bake Cereal Binder is:

  • a binding agent with high protein content
  • without any added sugar (sugar <3 %)
  • fat-free
  • purely vegetable and therefore vegan
  • lactose-, soya- and palm butter-free
  • neutral taste
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Numerous possibilities for various snacks and product innovations

Since the Lory® Bake Cereal Binder is fully neutral in taste, it can be used for the production of sweet, savoury or hearty snacks, without any problems, whatsoever. In general, the efficient and sustainable wheat-based binding compound offers snack producers a high degree of application flexibility in addition to a wide range of implementation options for new product innovations, taking into account nutritional values and sensory characteristics.

Flexible texture settings

Thanks to its special composition, Lory® Bake Cereal Binder gives manufacturers plenty of leeway in creating their textures. Clear accents can be added in the snack bar segment, thanks to different consistency settings. It’s possible to produce both soft and crispy protein snacks, depending on the manufacturing process. When the cereal mass is subsequently baked, which is the case with the “almond crisp” bar, very crispy textures can be achieved.

Flexibility in recipe composition

Lory® Bake Cereal Binder offers snack manufacturers complete freedom when it comes to implementing innovative product ideas and new food trends. The binding system allows optimisation of snack items’ nutritional profile with high functionality and without any sensory losses. As, for instance, with the soft “Green-Power” bar, a wide variety of products can be produced with a free selection of raw materials to be coated.

Flexible application

The Lory® Bake Cereal Binder optimises all applications in which sugar syrup or honey usually perform the sticking or caramelising function. When the Lory® Bake Cereal Binder replaces these components, the sugar content is significantly reduced and the protein content increased, while the same functionality is retained. Here, for example, with the “Protein Granola” bar, low-sugar, high-protein alternatives can be developed in the field of crunchy muesli.

Flexibility in design of form

The Lory® Bake Cereal Binder is characterised by its high binding capacity. Apart from snack bars, every conceivable shape can be designed, such as bits and balls. Using the binding system, manufacturers can optimally combine the trend of fibre-rich, small-format snack items with the constantly growing “To-Go” market. Spicy and zesty snacks such as, for instance, “Italian Tomato Style” bits can also be used as a calorie-reduced snack alternative.

Low-calorie snacks, made easy: The Lory® Bake Cereal Binder.

The Lory® Bake Cereal Binder opens up completely new possibilities for snack producers to produce tasty, fibre-rich, and low-calorie snacks. Thanks to the sustainable binding compound, the products can be declared vegan, with high protein and fibre content, yet without added sugar. The binder is very well soluble, easy to dose and can be stored for a long time. When warm (> 60 °C), the maintaining binder mass exhibits excellent stability without running wide, which allows the formation and design of individual product shapes. The snacks’ crunchiness can be maintained even during long storage. And the high adhesive power of the additives that are to be coated, such as nuts, crispies, cereals or others, has no effect on the sensory properties of the product. For consumers, snacks with Lory® Bake Cereal Binder are vegan, enjoyable sources of fibre, without added sugar, with a high protein content, and a crunchy bite that isn’t sticky. The manufacturer, Lory® Bake Cereal Binder offers new ways in the production of low-calorie snacks that are rich in fibre and protein, and in the development of successful product innovations.