Products made from modified starch for technical application close to the customer.

Every project starts with an analysis of the current situation. What are the customer’s exact objectives for the end consumer product and the mode of action of our products made from modified starch? What set of tasks results from this? Based on the analysis and the jointly defined objectives, the optimum product is then selected from the C&D Technical Applications Programme or developed individually for the specific requirements of the customer’s technical application. Trials and tests are conducted to ensure the result. Our application engineers also accompany the product launch.

Through many years of experience and broad sector expertise, we understand our customers’ products and their manufacturing process very precisely. Our business dealings and long-standing, cross-sector customer relationships are based on the cornerstones of honest and constructive collaboration.

C&D Technical Applications: Technical Cooperation

  • Holistic approach in consultation, development, production and service
  • A focus on customer requirements and conditions that determine the process and results
  • Application-technical consultation and (project) accompanying
  • Impulses for changes on the market and the possibilities

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Application-specific solutions made from modified starch for technical applications in the industry.

At C&D Technical Applications, wheat-based raw materials such as wheat starch provide the foundation for the development of efficient products for use in technical applications. Each component of wheat has its own characteristics and application possibilities. The knowledge of the performance of each raw material and the high level of development competence at C&D Technical Applications are the basis of the innovative tailor-made solutions for customers from a wide range of industries and sectors. The possible uses are as efficient as they are diverse.

Consultancy competence for wheat-based raw materials in technical applications:

Our team in the area of product development and application technology consists of experts from various professional groups such as chemical and polymer technicians, process and chemical engineers or construction chemists and agricultural scientists. They all align our wheat-based products in the application with great innovative capacity, expertise and knowledge, tailored exactly to the customer’s needs.

Customised solutions with wheat-based raw materials for technical applications:

We take a holistic approach to consultancy, development, production and service. Here, the focus is always on the customer. It is the customer’s requirements, manufacturing processes and machines that determine the process and the results. We provide high-quality solutions and support the use and development of optimised products and production processes with competent consultation.

Thanks to our specially-developed Crespotec® Compaction Optimiser, we can, for example, optimise compaction processes. This allows cost savings and increases system performance for our end customers.

Crespotec® Compaction Optimiser

Development of wheat-based products for technical applications:

For specific customer requirements, we work in a mutual process with the customers to develop wheat-based products and individual solutions. We analyse the current situation, define the objectives together with the customer and build up a trusting cooperation. Our consultants go to the customer’s site to provide support and secure the product’s success.