How producers of animal feed optimise their end consumer products with wheat starch products.

Thanks to its good digestibility, wheat starch such as Trigovit® Starch provides an excellent source of natural carbohydrates for animal feed. As an effective binding and thickening agent, modified starches provide the desired stability in the production of wet and dry feeds, for example for the production of sauces and gravies in moist feeds, and improve flexibility, crunchiness or crispness in dry and semi-moist products.

Properties of modified and native wheat starches:

  • Suited for cold and hot processes
  • Add optimal shine and an appealing look to the end consumer product
  • High bonding performance and thickening properties
  • Individual gelation
  • Good dispersibility and stirrability
  • High water absorption and dry strength
  • Provides long-term stability and preserves the product properties
  • Suitable for UHT/autoclaving process (pH > 4.5)
  • Adjustment of viscosity and texture in the end-consumer product

Application areas of modified wheat starches:

  • Binder for cold-pressed dry feed
  • Can be used in moist and dry feed applications as well as dry and semi-moist snacks
  • As a binder and to avoid syneresis effects in chunks
  • As thickening agent in sterilised products such as pâtés, pastes, gravies, sauces, etc.
  • To improve the product properties in snacks and chewing bones in terms of flexibility, crispness or crunchiness
  • Wet pet food production with UHT/autoclaving process

The possibilities of wheat starch for the producer of animal feed:

Are you a producer of animal feed who is interested in the possibilities offered by Trigea wheat starches to optimise your pet food? Then write to us, we are happy to advise you.

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Trigovit® Starch: Natural substitution of titanium dioxide in pet food production

Trigovit® Starch 1104 ND is a native wheat starch that is produced by physically separating the kernel sizes. The naturally pure white product is particularly suitable for use in the production of pet food as a natural substitute for the titanium dioxide colour pigment.

General properties:

  • Extremely small starch grains (< 10 μm)
  • Substitute for titanium dioxide
  • For the same quantity, ten times more particles than conventional maize or wheat starch, a hundred times more than potato starch
  • Very large particle surface
  • White, tasteless and odourless powder
  • No E numbers, no chemical modification

Titanium Dioxide

Trigovit® Starch 1104

Modified and native Trigovit® Starch wheat starches for the production of animal feed:

Trigovit® Starch is not only a source of natural carbohydrates for animal feed. Trigovit® Starch can also give the end consumer product an optimal shine and an attractive appearance, thereby creating the desired look. Moreover, the modified wheat starches also ensure that the properties of the end consumer product, for instance the flexibility of Dentasticks for dogs, is retained for longer.

Application of wheat starches in wet feed:

With our modified Trigovit® Starch wheat starches and the functional Trigovit® Mix, it is possible to produce the desired sauces and gravies that give wet feed their appealing look. The modified starches can also prevent unwanted properties in the feed chunks such as breakage or syneresis. Our process- and temperature-stable Starches are also suitable for UHT-processes (100 to 130 °C).

Application of wheat starches in dry feed:

Our Trigovit® Starch product group offers a variety of special starches which have a positive effect on the properties of the dry kibbles. Thanks to their high process stability, the wheat starches are perfectly matched to the different processing methods. In addition to the binding properties, they optimise the structure of the dry kibbles in terms of flexibility, hardness, airiness, and crunchiness.

Application of wheat starches in snacks:

The modified Trigovit® Starch wheat starches support the products in their properties and extend their functionality. The wheat starches can also be used in many ways for the production of animal feed, in the form of pastes and semi-moist products.

Application of wheat starches in ornamental fish feed:

When it comes to their floating and sinking properties, our Trigovit® Starch offers a range of wheat starches, which influence the shape and structure of flake foods and pond sticks.