Optimisation of pet food with the natural ingredients of wheat.

Wheat is a regional and versatile natural base substance. For example, when used in our wheat-based Trigovit® products, it provides the desired texture and unique crunchiness or gives the end consumer product its desired functionality. With high-quality wheat-based products that go by the name of Trigovit®, Trigea satisfies the growing demand for natural and sustainable pet food. The Trigea solutions give the end consumer product its desired functionality. Moreover, wheat is an excellent flavour carrier as well as a valuable source of protein. The high-quality natural ingredients of wheat provide an added nutritional-physiological value, thanks to its many valuable nutrients. This way, apart from functional aspects, wheat also adds more naturalness, nutrients and flavour to the feed. To provide optimal solutions for pet food, many experts at Trigea are working on the further development of existing products and the realisation of new concepts.

Pet food with natural ingredients:

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Wheat proteins
Wheat starches
Wheat-based functional blends
Pregelatinised wheat flours

More nature and sustainability in the feed

In animal nutrition, the regionality and sustainability of raw materials are becoming increasingly important for end consumers. For some pet owners, sustainable feeding also means, e.g. avoiding meat in their pets’ diet.

To support the producers of pet food with solutions for the current trends in pet food, Trigea provides the animal feed industry with specialised knowledge and tried-and-tested natural, wheat-based ingredients. Wheat is an important foodstuff, not only for humans, but also for animals.

Trigea is part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, which has more than 160 years of experience working with the natural raw material wheat. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge regarding the functionality of natural ingredients on the basis of wheat, the producers of pet food benefit from the cooperation with Trigea.

Versatile partner for the animal feed industry:

  • Competence in the development of wheat-based solutions for pet food
  • More than 160 years of experience with wheat in the Crespel & Deiters Group
  • Talks and consultation on an equal footing
  • Enrichment of the pet food with natural ingredients
  • Also supports the production of vegan and vegetarian pet food

Optimisation of pet food with natural ingredients.

In the development of our products, we utilise the large number of benefits offered by wheat as a provider of nutrients. Starch, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre are found in our products in well-balanced and abundant quantities, offering holistic solutions for the optimisation of pet food. Our product portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of products that can improve your end consumer product with natural ingredients made of wheat, depending on the respective requirements regarding texture, stability, naturalness, flavour and appearance. We are also happy to develop customised products for your special requirements on the foundation of our natural, wheat-based raw materials.

Competence, performance and experience in the optimisation of pet food:

  • Trigea is a trustworthy partner of the animal feed industry
  • Contribution to a balanced natural diet for pets
  • Competent manufacturer of binding agents and stability systems
  • Solutions for optimising the end consumer product and for improving the recipe or the production procedure