Wheat proteins as a valuable source of nutrients in pet food.

High-quality, wheat-based raw materials can significantly increase pet food’s functionality in animal feed, in addition to creating added value for animals in terms of nutritional physiology. With our highly functional, wheat-based products, we support the pet food industry in the production of balanced animal feed for healthy feeding of animals. At the same time, wheat offers us everything we need for an optimal supply of nutrients in the feed. Especially our wheat proteins – whether in the form of vital wheat protein, textured wheat protein or hydrolysed wheat protein – are ideally suited as a valuable source of protein and a natural ingredient for pet food.

The possibilities of wheat starches in animal feed:

Are you a pet food manufacturer, and are you interested in the possibilities offered by Trigea’s vital wheat protein, textured wheat proteins and hydrolysed wheat proteins for optimal animal feed? Our holistic consulting approach helps you to find the best solution.

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Wheat proteins Trigovit® Protein in animal feed:

Trigovit® Protein (vital wheat protein)

Thanks to particularly gentle drying, the vital wheat protein retains its full vitality and has distinct agglomeration and water-binding properties. The visco-elastic properties of Trigovit® Proteins are created by absorbing water. These are unique among animal and vegetable protein sources. This product is used as a protein component in a variety of different animal feed applications.

Properties of wheat proteins (vital):

  • Full vitality, thanks to particularly gentle drying
  • High water-binding capacity, thanks to the formation of stable agglomerates
  • Increases the nutritional value of the end-consumer product as a natural and sustainable protein source
  • Unique structure formation, thanks to its visco-elastic properties
  • Valuable amino acids that are contained ensure a high nutrient value

Application areas of wheat proteins (vital):

  • Increase of various feed applications’ protein value
  • For producing emulsions
  • For the production of dry feed, wet feed and snacks
  • Ornamental fish food

Trigovit® Protein (hydrolysed wheat protein)

Thanks to its amino acids, the wheat protein has a high nutrient value and, as a valuable source of protein, it is an important ingredient in pet food. Moreover, our hydrolysed wheat protein is gently dried and enzymatically hydrolysed. This way, we prevent damage caused by heat. Its technical properties are different to those of vital wheat protein, thereby making it suitable for other applications.

Properties of hydrolysed wheat proteins:

  • Highly-soluble protein source which can easily be incorporated into applications
  • Stirred into water, the hydrolysed protein develops a homogeneous solution
  • Broken down proteins provide high nutritional value

Application areas of hydrolysed wheat proteins:

  • Ornamental fish food
  • Baked snacks
  • In milk substitute products for puppies and kittens
  • As a soluble protein source in pastes, dry kibbles, wet feed applications, and snacks

Textured wheat proteins Trigovit® Tex in pet food:

Wheat-based products for wet feed as balanced animal feed by the producer Trigea | Crespel & Deiters

Like us humans, our pets also rely on a healthy diet. Easily digestible protein sources are an important part of a well-balanced pet food formulation. With a protein content of up to 75%, our textured wheat proteins represent a high-quality source of vegetable protein in animal feed. Trigovit® Tex Products also have other functional properties that optimise the end-consumer product. Our Trigovit® Tex product portfolio covers a wide range of shapes and colours. Their fibrous structures optimise the sensory and optical properties of the lining and thus ensure improved texture and crunchiness as well as
the desired appearance. The products’ good taste absorption makes them versatile for the production of different feeds. Thanks to the easy handling and the high process stability (also in autoclaves), the Trigovit® Tex textured wheat proteins  form a functional raw material for pet food.

Trigovit® Tex – the textured wheat protein in the holistic feed concepts of healthy animal feed.

Trigovit® Tex textured wheat protein products provide a sustainable, plant-based source of protein for balanced animal feed and ensure an optimal texture of the end-consumer product. They are manufactured in an elaborate extrusion process. Trigovit® Tex can be produced in a variety of different forms and colours and can also be adapted to comply with individual requirements. The addition of water gives Trigovit® Tex a fibrous structure that resembles meat and fish and has a unique crunchiness. Trigovit® Tex is both odourless and tasteless. This makes it suitable for the use in innovative end-consumer products and for attaining the desired appearance. Applications of the Trigovit® Tex textured wheat proteins:

  • Dry feed (for instance as fibrous component in dry kibbles)
  • Wet feed (for instance as a texture-providing solid material, apart from chunks and pieces of meat)
  • As a fixed particle of semi-moist feed applications
  • As a special highlight in snack applications

Properties of textured wheat proteins:

  • Purely plant-based source of protein (up to 75 % protein content)
  • Meat-like texture and unique crunchiness
  • Neutral in odour and flavour
  • Suited as a carrier for fragrances and flavourings
  • Uncomplicated storage at room temperature
  • Different forms possible: powder, chunks, flakes, granules
  • Available in various colours, like cream-coloured, brown, red
  • Simple processing, thanks to short soaking times
  • High water absorption
  • High process stability (also in autoclaves)

Application areas of textured wheat proteins:

  • Increase of the protein contents in feed applications
  • Enrichment with plant-based proteins
  • Gives the end-consumer product the desired texture
  • Reproduction of many types of meat textures
  • Reproduction of fish-like structures
  • Optimisation of sensory properties
  • Creation of fibrous or granular structure
  • Preferred use after rehydration (swelling and water absorption)
  • Can be used as a vegetarian alternative to meat

Swelling behaviour of the Trigovit® Tex Chunks

The Trigovit® Tex textured wheat proteins at a glance:

Trigovit® Tex Powder C110 is a textured wheat protein in powder form, for use in animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Trigovit® Tex Powder
C 110



The small cream-coloured Trigovit® Tex Flakes SCS 110, SCS 140 und SCM 140 are textured wheat proteins,used for products in animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Trigovit® Tex Flakes
SCS 110, SCS 140, SCM 140

Flakes Small (circa 12,5 mm x 10,0 mm)


The small, light-brown Trigovit® Tex Flakes SBS 111 are textured wheat proteins for feed applications in animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Trigovit® Tex Flakes
SBS 111

Flakes Small (circa 12,5 mm x 10,0 mm)


The small, brown Trigovit® Tex Flakes SDM 112 are textured wheat proteins for use in animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Trigovit® Tex Flakes
SDM 112

Flakes Small (circa 12,5 mm x 10,0 mm)

Dark brown

The large, cream-coloured Trigovit® Tex Flakes LCS 110 und LCF 110 are textured wheat proteins for products in animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Trigovit® Tex Flakes
LCS 110, LCF 110

Flakes Large  (circa 20,0 mm x 14,5 mm)


The large, light brown Trigovit® Tex Flakes LBS 111 are textured wheat proteins for feed applications in animal feed | Crespel & Deiters

Trigovit® Tex Flakes
LBS 111

Flakes Large (circa 20,0 mm x 14,5 mm)