Extruded Cereal Products B.V.  – Part of Crespel & Deiters Group

Extruded Cereal Products B.V. was founded in Helmond, Netherlands, in 1998. Over the years the company has developed into an international technology leader and innovator in extruding agricultural raw materials, thereby awaking the interest of the Crespel & Deiters Group in 2007. In 2014, Crespel & Deiters and ECP became joint venture partners. The extrusion specialist, with about 30 employees, has been 100 % part of the Crespel & Deiters Group since January 2020, and is responsible for the extrusion of wheat protein in the development of innovative raw materials for the food producing industry, the pet food industry and their suppliers.

Extrusion for innovative food concepts

To begin with, the extrusion of proteins is a physical process in which a product is pressed through a pre-defined opening with the application of pressure and temperature and at the end retains the shape obtained there. This process opens up a number of options for shaping the final product. With regard to texture and appearance, this process technology yields various possibilities. Extrusion is an important tool available to the food industry in particular, to safeguard the food supply while developing alternative and sustainable concepts for the food industry and pet foods.

Since the beginning, high product quality, good consulting and absolute delivery reliability have been priorities at ECP B.V. With the help of the quality management system in accordance with ISO norms and the HACCP system, product quality is demonstrably consistent. In addition, at ECP we are able to supply organic, halal and kosher-certified products.

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Paving the way for the food producing industry

ECP is a highly flexible and technologically driven forerunner for the food producing industry. Extrusion is a process that is giving the food industry new impulses. That is why ECP has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of extruded grain products and proteins. In state-of-the-art facilities, grain and protein-rich raw materials are extruded into innovative products that vary in their composition, shape, taste and texture. At ECP the focus is on the discerning customer – from the request to trend and/or customer-specific development, from small to large volume outsourcing in constant high, certified quality.

Production know-how and production technology

In-depth production know-how and advanced production technology: that is what ECP’s service portfolio is based on. And it is available to customers in order to develop innovations together in a team and to produce modern food.

  • Innovative solutions for the food producing industry are generated in the ECP technology centre. Market observation and on-going research flow into the work.
  • The innovative capacity of customers is increased by customer-specific developments in the ECP technology centre.
  • With its manufacturing capacities ECP is also a flexible outsourcing partner that improves the scalability of the customer’s own production.

For decades, large and small food producers as well as pet food producers have trusted ECP’s development and manufacturing expertise for extruded grain products and proteins. Customers rely on the in-depth knowledge, extensive consulting, consistent highest quality of extrudates, and ECP’s service. Various extrudates that are naturally used in the food industry today and diversely produced, can be traced back to ECP’s development and expertise.

Weizenprotein (Pflanzliches Protein) Lory® Tex Granules MCS 110: Für Veggie-Produkte und feines wie grobes Hackfleisch.
Weizenprotein (Pflanzliches Protein) Lory® Tex Fibres SBM 111: Für Pork, Chicken, Fisch, Frikadellen, Pulled-Produkte, Füllungen und als Meat Extension in Fleischprodukten.