Loryma is a producer of wheat-based food ingredients and innovative extrudates.

With wheat proteins, native and modified wheat starches, extrudates and wheat-based functional blends for the industrial food production, Loryma as international food ingredients manufacturer provides an important contribution to stability, texture and flavour of the end-consumer products. In the meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan products sector, as well as when it comes to baked goods, confectionery, convenience, delicatessen products, sport nutrition and cereals Loryma supports the food industry as a developer and manufacturer of wheat-based food ingredients as well as innovative extrudates in the optimisation of your products. With our textured proteins made from wheat, we offer valuable solutions for global nutrition in the forward-looking topics of meat and fish alternatives.

Food ingredients producer Loryma develops its pioneering solutions for the food industry in the own in-house development and research food laboratory

Decades of experience, in-depth sector expertise and the experts’ knowledge from the development department make the food ingredients producer Loryma a future-oriented partner of the food industry.

Quality assurance
Alt: Food ingredients producer Loryma refines wheat-based raw materials for the food industry

In the own in-house development and research laboratory of the food ingredients producer Loryma, the wheat-based raw materials are refined for the customer as regards the flavour, texture and stability.

Research and product development

Realising pioneering food concepts with wheat-based food ingredients.

A large quantity of wheat-based food ingredients, cereal and protein-based extrudates as well as many wheat-based functional blends are produced daily by Loryma, to provide the international food industry with high-quality vegan and vegetarian raw materials for new forward-looking food concepts.

Wheat proteins
Wheat starches
Functional blends
Production of wheat-based food ingredients by the producer Loryma

Wheat-based Food ingredients for optimal food.

As a manufacturer and specialist for wheat-based food ingredients, Loryma refines wheat-based raw materials for the food industry in terms of texture, stability and taste within the Crespel & Deiters Group. Thanks to years of experience with wheat proteins as well as modified and native wheat starches, we have gained extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the possibilities and feasibility of wheat as a raw material and the resulting wheat-based food ingredients. From the expertise of ECP, the extrusion specialist for agricultural raw materials within the Crespel & Deiters Group, we have over 20 years of knowledge and experience with cereal and protein-based extrudates for the food production. As a manufacturer, we make all of the competences available to our food-producing customers- And that, both in product development and in improving or modifying existing food products, as required by changing customer needs and consumer trends. Quality assurance, production reliability and delivery reliability have top priority at Loryma in the manufacturing of wheat-based food ingredients.

Plant-based and vegetarian food ingredients for the food manufacturing requirements – both today and in the future.

Loryma accepts our responsibility and would like to contribute our part in ensuring that all people on our planet have access to an adequate supply of food high in nutrients. In the long term, neither the meat industry, nor conventional agriculture will be able to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of a constantly-growing global population. With wheat-based food ingredients, Loryma supports food producers across the globe in realising future-oriented food concepts. With high-performance wheat-based raw materials as well as innovative extrudates made from wheat, and wheat-based functional blends, we contribute our part in optimising the food industry’s production and convenience portfolio.

Food ingredients producer Loryma is a member of the following associations:

Loryma is a member of Starch Europe.

Starch Europe represents the interests of European starch producers at European and international level to ensure a sustainable and reliable availability of starch-based ingredients in a fair competitive environment.

Gustav Deiters, Managing Partner of Crespel & Deiters, is Vice-President of Starch Europe.

Loryma is a member of the VDGS, the association of German grain producers and starch manufacturers.

The VDGS e.V. combines the strengths of its member companies in a professional and efficient manner in order to increase the visibility and image of the sectors and to represent their concerns on a national and European level.

Gustav Deiters, Managing Partner of Crespel & Deiters, is Chairman of the Board and Spokesman of the Wheat Starch Division.

Loryma is a member of the Federal Association of the German Food Industry.

The BVE is the leading economic-political association of the German food industry. It represents the cross-sectoral interests of food producers worldwide vis-à-vis politics, administration, media, social and market partners and advocates economic and political framework conditions to enable German food producers to act responsibly and in an entrepreneurial manner.

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