Protein texturates and cereal extrudates for the production of modern foods.

Texturates from wheat protein and innovative extrudates from cereals and other agricultural products are becoming increasingly important as industrial food ingredients. This is because people’s diets and demands for healthier, more sustainable foods have changed over time. Today, and even more so in the future, health, well-being, enjoyment, and ethics are at the heart of food choices. Good nutrition has become more holistic, more comprehensive. Not only in terms of nutrients and ingredients, freshness and taste, vitamins, minerals, and fibre, but also with regard to animal-ethical and socially-acceptable production conditions. Plant-based food, free from and nutrifood are important trends. Nevertheless, the convenience of food, especially with regard to mobility, is also important.

Textured wheat proteins Lory® Tex

The vegan Lory® Tex textured wheat proteins authentically replicate the texture of vegetarian or vegan meat alternatives. Available as powders, strips, granules, flakes, fibres or chunks, and in a variety of colours, Lory® Tex texturate allows you to achieve individual results.

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Tasty Crispies Lory® Crisp:

Based on wheat, corn, rice or quinoa, Lory® Crisp vegan crispies are extrudates that provide an excellent taste experience in chocolate products, breakfast cereals, yoghurt toppings, cereal bars, and many other applications, all of which support the targeted nutritional profile.

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Protein-rich Crispies Lory® IsoCrisp:

The vegan and vegetarian Lory® IsoCrisp crispies are based on wheat, whey or milk, and have a high protein content. Especially sports nutrition, low-carb products and snacks can enrich and optimise Lory® IsoCrisp with valuable proteins.

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Crispy Lory® crumb breadings:

Lory® Crumb extruded breadcrumbs are based on wheat, corn, rice or potato, and are used as breading for fish, meat, snacks, and bakery products to create enjoyable tastes and a crispy bite. Lory® Crumb extrudates are also suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications.

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Vegan and vegetarian extrudates and texturates for food manufacturers.

Extruded cereal and protein products are the key to giving modern foods their desired properties and nutritional values. All with full naturalness, GMO-free and with valuable nutrients. Vegetable extrudates and protein texturates convince in food production, thanks to their technological benefits. Texturates that are based on wheat protein and score particularly well as texturisers in authentic meat and fish alternatives, and in additional cereal and protein extrudates as a crunch factor in snacks. And thanks to their great variety: from fine powder to strips, flakes or balls to large chunks, from cream to dark brown, the extrudates have the right shape and colour for every application.

Loryma offers the food industry a wide range of special functional products made from extruded cereals and extruded protein-rich raw materials for the production of vegetarian and vegan meat and fish alternatives, breadings, convenience products, confectionery, chocolate, and cereals. In addition to wheat textures, which imitate the fibrous texture of meat when hydrated, we also sell vegetarian and vegan extrudates that are based on corn, rice, quinoa, milk, or whey. The high-quality extrudates, which can also be used for organic, halal, kosher, allergen, and clean-label-compliant manufacturing, are made by ECP Extruded Cereal Products, the extrusion specialists at the Crespel & Deiters Group.

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Extruded cereals and proteins on trend:

New food concepts with textured wheat proteins.

The protection of the climate and the environment, more animal welfare, and one’s own health are reasons people are increasingly adopting flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan diets. Yet new and alternative food concepts also play an important role in the larger context of feeding an constantly-growing global population. Loryma’s textured wheat protein, as a purely vegetable protein source, forms the basis for numerous veggie and vegan products. The texturate can reproduce the textures of all types of meat as well as fish-like textures. In low-carb products and baked goods, it enriches the end-consumer product with valuable protein.

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New food trends with crispies.

Nowadays, the sensory experience and unique mouthfeel of crunchy crispies is no longer something consumers only want in breakfast cereals. Crispies have become an absolute trend in chocolate, snacks, bars and baked goods. And new crispy trends are constantly being created – also by consumers themselves. Loryma’s Crispies are innovative extrudates where the sky is the limits when it comes to creativity and application diversity. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. In organic and wholemeal quality. Spelt, chocolate and vanilla.

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New food offers with High Protein Crispies.

In a healthy fitness lifestyle, consumers pay special attention to the nutrients and active ingredients in their food today. Consumer and market trends confirm an increased interest in convenience products with enhanced protein content and nutritional value. Whether snacks, chocolate, bars, breakfast cereals or sports nutrition – Loryma’s High Protein Crispies ensure a high protein content of the end-consumer product and delicious crispiness with vegan plant or vegetarian animal protein. This makes Iso Crispies the perfect ingredient for use in mueslis, granola products and other high-quality nutrition applications.

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New food possibilities with crispies.

Crispy breadcrumbs are a taste sensation. Especially with convenience foods, they are becoming more and more important. Nowadays, you can bread almost anything and fry or roast it until crispy. In addition to the classic meat and fish application, it is also potato products, veggie meat products and cheese products that become tasty, quickly-prepared meals with crumbs. Loryma crumbs are not only crispy and delicious; they also protect the substrate in the production process during frying or roasting and make the end-consumer product crispier.

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