Native and modified wheat starches

The further development of wheat starches with their different functions, the special properties and the resulting applications are specialties of the food ingredients producer Loryma. The native and modified wheat starches have a variety of properties that can optimise the customer’s end-consumer products as regards the texture, stability and flavour.

Application of native and modified wheat starch

Are you a food manufacturer interested in native and modified wheat starches from Loryma? Learn more about the possible applications of wheat starch for food.

Use of native and modified wheat starches by Loryma

The native and modified wheat starches of the food ingredients producer Loryma are used in many sectors of the food industry. They are stable during processing and safe in application and ensure a high degree of production safety. Thanks to their diverse product properties, such as high heat and acid stability, shear stability and emulsifiability, our hot- and cold-swelling wheat starches can be used for various manufacturing processes, for instance pasteurisation, UHT processes, or hot and cold production of fillings, sauces and toppings.


  • Hot-swelling and cold-swelling
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • White or cream-coloured
  • Free-flowing and flowable
  • Stable processing, water absorbing, and freeze/thaw stable
  • Structuring
  • Strong adhesion properties
  • Texture-providing
  • Heat stability and acid stability


  • All-rounder as a binding agent and thickening agent
  • Breading systems
  • Adhesive starches for various coating systems
  • Application as an emulsifier
  • Special starches with thickening and stabilising properties under special production loads, such as thaw stability, shear stability, heat stability and acid stability
  • Bonding agent for seeds or decorative spices
  • Glazing agent for baked goods.

Used in:

  • Meat products
  • Baked goods
  • Delicatessen products
  • Convenience products
  • Confectionery
  • And many more…
Durch sein großes Produktangebot hat Food Ingredients-Produzent Loryma für jede Anforderung die passende Weizenstärke

Special wheat starches

The Three Hare wheat starch, one of the native starches in the Loryma product range, is primarily used for standard starch applications in all areas of the food industry. Especially when it is used for structuring, sensory properties are needed. Loryma has developed a large portfolio of special starches for the special requirements of specific areas. Our offer is rounded off with our extruded flours, consisting of at least 70% starch.

Problemlose Kaltherstellung von Lebensmitteln mit den Clean-Label Weizenstärken vom Produzenten Loryma

Clean label starches

Apart from our native wheat starches for standard applications and our modified special starches, our portfolio is rounded off by clean-label starches. They are purely physically modified wheat starches that are suitable, for example, for cold production and for uniformly filling lumpy sauces, such as canned vegetables or goulash sauce and salads (for instance coleslaw).