Wheat for the food industry.

The food industry is one of the most important industry sectors in Germany. The quality and variety of the food produced here industrially is a guarantee for high demand and sales at home and abroad. In order to maintain this success and expand it in the future, food producers have to react permanently and quickly to new food trends and the changing nutritional awareness of consumers. The sustainability of food is playing an increasingly important role. And the origin of raw materials is often being considered by end consumers. In addition, there is another major challenge: securing a comprehensive diet in view of an ever-growing world population.

The food industry has taken on the challenge to succeed at feeding the global population with high-quality and affordable food. Grain takes on a fundamentally large role. And wheat, with its high-quality nutrients, is the basis for particularly diverse applications. At Loryma, wheat is the basis for innovations and many products for the food industry. With wheat proteins, native wheat starches, modified wheat starches, wheat-based functional blends and innovative extrudates based on wheat and protein Loryma, as the manufacturer of food ingredients, helps to improve the stability, the texture and the flavour of industrially-produced food. In so doing, and in cooperation with the international food industry, Loryma is advancing the development of new, nutritious, efficient and tasty food.

Wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for production in the food industry.

Wheat for meat – wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for the meat industry: Textured wheat proteins by Loryma supports the meat industry in the expansion of their offer. With them, meat producers can manufacture nutritious, healthy vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Wheat-based thickening, texturising and stability systems, breadings, crumbs and coatings, and brine additives enhance, stabilise and protect veggie and meat products.

More effective production – wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for the fish industry: Textured wheat proteins by Loryma can copy fish textures perfectly in a vegetable recipe. This offers the fish industry a future-proof expansion of its product range. Wheat starches, breadings, coatings and brine additives optimised fish products in production. Extruded crumbs on a wheat basis makes fish fingers & co. crispy and crunchy.

Future factor, veggie – wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for food manufacturers with new food concepts: Extrudates by Loryma form the basis for many veggie and vegan products in the food industry. However, other extrudates such as crumbs also provide a crunchy and valuable vegetable protein and nutrient source for veggie meat, veggie fish, baked goods, snacks and cereal products.

Fail-safe ingredients – wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for the baked goods industry: In the industrial production of bread, pastries, cakes and snacks, Loryma’s solutions score with application diversity and quality. Wheat proteins optimise the properties of the baked goods. Wheat starches make the crust crispy. Functional, wheat-based blends make product innovations possible. Crispies and Crumbs ensure more crunch.

Crispy nutrient values – wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for the confectionery industry: Tasty, healthy and figure-conscious snacking are new requirements that the confectionery industry has to satisfy. With wheat starches, functional wheat-based blends and protein-rich extrudates by Loryma this is possible. They help to reduce sugar, carbohydrates and lactose in chocolates, bars and cereal snacks, enrich them with valuable nutrients and optimise the end-consumer product in terms of taste and crunchiness.

Quick & tasty – wheat-based food ingredients and extrudates for convenience and delicatessen products: Functional wheat-based blends, wheat starches and crumbs by Loryma help the manufacturers of convenience food and delicatessen products to make their products more stable and fail-proof in the applications with the end-consumer products.

Solutions for the meat industry and the fish industry

Textured wheat proteins for meat alternatives

Lory® Tex textured wheat protein with its meat-like texture, is ideal for the production of vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives, hybrid meat products as well as for protein enrichment of foods of new food concepts.

Textured wheat proteins for fish alternatives

Lory® Tex textured wheat protein can perfectly mimic vegetabel fish alternatives  such as fish sticks, salmon fillets, halibut or cod fillets.

Wheat starch

Our wheat starches can be used as sticking starches in various coating systems such as, for instance, wet coatings, dustings or dry coatings or to optimise the texture of meat products.

Functional wheat-based blends

Our functional wheat-based blends stabilize as well as improve binding, adhesion and emulsifying properties in meat and meatless applications. Thus, the ingredients guarantee specific sensory properties and an optimal shape of the end product. Manufacturers can thus produce crispy, cookable, stable and high-quality foods without compromising on taste.


The Crumbs Lory® Crumb on the basis of wheat, maize, rice or potato are extrudates used as breadcrumbs for crispy, crunchy breadings. The crumbs have special properties for texture and crunchiness. They are available from Loryma as powder, granules, fibrous products and oval/spherical products.

Solutions and products for vegetarian and vegan food

Textured wheat proteins

Lory® Tex wheat texturate is ideal for making vegetarian and vegan alternatives such as, for instance, vegan burger patties, meat balls, chicken nuggets, fish fingers or sausages. The vegetable texturate can be used as a one-hundert per cent plant-based source of protein.

Functional wheat-based blends