Functional wheat-based blends for stabilising and texturising in the food industry.

The range of Loryma’s products is as diverse as the requirements of the food industry. In addition to ingredients, we also offer application and customer-specific blends designed to optimise the end-consumer product. With a lot of knowledge in the refinement of our vegetable, wheat-based raw materials and high level of competence in the combination of raw materials, we develop wheat-based, functional blends together with our customers for different applications in the food industry production sector.

Functional wheat-based blends from Loryma: binding systems, stabilisation systems, texture systems for the food industry.

Binding systems

Loryma binding, texture and stabilisation systems for the optimisation of meat, veggie and convenience products of the food industry.

Binding systems
Functional wheat-based blends from Loryma: breading systems, wet breading, dry breading and coatings for the food industry.

Breadings & coatings

Loryma’s batters, dry breadings, tempura and glazings ensure an optimal, tasty coating for industrial foodstuffs.

Breadings & coatings
Functional wheat-based blends from Loryma: brine additives, injection brine for the food industry.

Brine additives

Loryma’s brine additives improve the taste, shelf-life and texture of meat and convenience products sustainably and in an economically-feasible manner.

Brine additives

Functional wheat-based blends for the food industry.

Find out more about the application of Loryma’s stabilisation systems and texturizing systems for food production:

Sustainable and tasty industrially-produced food with functional blends for the food industry

Quality and success with Loryma stabilisation systems.

The Loryma stabilisation systems are used to support bonding, adhesion and emulsification, while ensuring the consistent quality and highly reliable outcomes of manufacturers’ end-consumer products in the food industry. With a wide range of applications and a high convenience factor (easy-to-use), Loryma’s stabilisation systems not only optimise the product, but also the process management and cost-effectiveness in customer production.

Shape and taste with Loryma texturising systems.

Loryma texturising systems make the end-consumer product unique to the customer. They ensure both the specific sensor technology of the respective food product and the optimisation of the shape. This opens up many opportunities for the food industry to meet the requirements for healthy, sustainable and economical food without compromising on taste.

Customer-driven development.

Loryma’s wheat-based functional blends for the food industry combine the benefits and functionality of wheat-based raw materials and are used to stabilise and texturise food. Together with food producers, we define their needs and requirements and develop tailor-made, customer-specific solutions using our application technology. This results in raw material combinations based on wheat, which are more efficient and sustainable than the sum of the individual components.

We guide our customers through the entire process – from the initial product idea through product development to the scale-up and market maturity. Thanks to diligent market analysis and store checks as well as an intensive exchange with our customers, we are able to recognise trends and changed requirements in the food industry. In this way, we can always show our customers new product ideas, additions to the portfolio or possible product enhancements.