Quinoa Crispies: Lory® Crisp for manufacturers of nutritive food products.

Quinoa is an absolute trend food. As the basis for the Lory® Crisp quinoa crispies, the gluten-free superfood scores with many valuable nutrients. Rich in essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and with a high content of minerals, manufacturer Loryma’s quinoa crispies provide high-quality vegan protein and constitute the basis for modern food concepts such as nutrifood. The crispies, with the pseudo grain quinoa, are also suitable for low-allergen or allergen-free food products.

As a manufacturer, you can optimise your food products with the Lory® Crisp quinoa crispies!

Properties of our quinoa crispies:

  • Ensure crunchy products
  • In a variety of colours, forms and sizes
  • Flavours: sugar-free, salt-free, dairy-free, high fibre

Applications of our quinoa crispies:

  • Chocolate coating
  • Bar
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Confectionery industry
  • Baked goods

More information on Lory® Crisp quinoa crispies for manufacturers:

As a manufacturer, you would like to know more about the Lory® Crisp quinoa crispies, as well as the applications and possibilities of the trendy crispies? Then feel free to drop us a line! We will be happy to advise you according to your individual requirements.

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Lory® Crisp quinoa crispies at a glance:

Lory® Crisp, Quinoa, Ball, Cream

Ball (5 mm)


Lory® Crisp, Quinoa, Ball, Light brown

Ball (4 mm)

Light brown