Lory® Crumb: Rice crumbs for fine crispy breadcrumbs by the manufacturer Loryma.

With a mild rice flavour and gluten-free, Lory® Crumb rice, by the manufacturer Loryma, is an ideal breading for coating fish, meat, potato, cheese and vegetable products. The vegan crumbs also protect and refine veggie products and make them crispy and crunchy. As fine granules, the Lory® Crumb rice crumbs are also particularly suitable for thin breadings with a crispy crust that keep fish or meat nice and juicy. Convenience products as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives get a crispy bite with the rice-based crumbs.

As a manufacturer, protect your meat, fish and veggie substrates with Lory® Crumb rice coating!

Properties of our rice crumb coating:

  • Ensures crispiness
  • Ensures crunchy products
  • Available in various forms, sizes and colours

Applications of our rice crumb coating:

  • Vegetarian and vegan alternatives
  • Coatings for the meat industry and fish industry
  • Convenience products
  • Backed goods

More information about the rice crumb coating Lory® Crumb rice for manufacturers:

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The rice crumbs breading Lory® Crumb for coating:

Light brown

Granule (1 mm)

Light brown