Lory® Crumb: Maize breading for coatings from the manufacturer Loryma.

The Lory® Crumb Maize breading by the manufacturer Loryma is ideal for breading substrates that should be crispy, crunchy and gluten-free as an end-consumer product. The gluten-free crumbs based on maize produce golden-yellow, crispy breadcrumbs with a crunchy bite in multi-stage coatings. As a vegan product, the Lory® Crumb Maize maize breading can also be used to bread vegetarian and vegan meat and fish alternatives as well as potato and cheese products.

As a manufacturer, optimise your substrates, fillings and baked goods with coatings of Lory® Crumb maize breading!

Properties of our maize breading as coating:

  • Ensures crispiness
  • Ensures crunchy products
  • Available in various forms, sizes and colours

Applications of our maize breading as coating:

  • Vegetarian and vegan alternatives
  • Coatings for the meat industry and fish industry
  • Convenience products
  • Backed goods

More information for manufacturers on coating with Lory® Crumb maize:

As a manufacturer, would you like to know more about Lory® Crumb maize breading as a coating, the applications, properties and possibilities for your production and end-consumer products? Then feel free to drop us a line! We will be happy to advise you according to your individual requirements.

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The Lory® Crumb maize breading for coating:

Lory® Crumb, Maize, Flake, Yellow

Flake (3 mm)