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Trendy and healthy: Pastries with added value

Loryma designs Lory® Bake High Protein, a functional mix for high-protein, low-carb Muffins

Zwingenberg (Germany), June 2020 – Loryma, manufacturer of wheat raw materials, unveils a basic functional mix for muffins and sponge cakes as part of the Lory® Bake line. This added value blend not only ensures sensory appeal in finished products, but also responds to current market trends, thanks to several additional health benefits. Perfect for the “coffee to go” segment with its streetfood character, recipes can boast reduced sugar and increased protein content, and therefore perfectly meet consumer demand for nutritious “free-from” products.

Younger consumers in particular prefer products that are not only sensorily attractive but, moreover, reflect an international lifestyle. The growing trend towards low carb / high protein products, currently still dominant in the bread and rolls segment, is now spilling over into the pastry category. While fine baked goods usually have too high sugar and fat content, which determines their typical taste, Loryma’s functional blend means the challenge of preserving texture and flavour while optimising nutritional values can now be met.

Lory® Bake High Protein is a functional base compound, free of added sugars and rich in proteins. The use of wheat proteins and specially modified starches makes it possible to achieve a pleasing texture with significantly reduced carbohydrate content. A blueberry muffin made with Lory® Bake High Protein, for example, has around 30% fewer calories, 25% less fat, 50% less carbohydrates, over 80% less sugar and three times as much protein than its classic counterpart. Lory® Bake High Protein can be freely customized with additional components, and therefore used in a multitude of ways. Manufactured products are particularly suitable for the frozen food sector, and are ideal for the food service industry. Lory® Bake High Protein is also halal, kosher and vegetarian-friendly.

Henrik Hetzer, Managing Director of Loryma, explains: “Health-conscious consumers are specifically looking for products that provide added value in terms of nutritional physiology – low carb and high protein are important keywords. With the Lory® Bake High Protein mix, healthier versions of popular baked goods can be produced, and ones which are in no way inferior to the classic varieties in terms of taste. Blueberry muffins are just one of many possible applications”.

June 2020