Wheat-based ingredients for a sustainable future

IFFA 2022, booth 12.1/C64: Loryma presents innovative extrudates, wheat starches and functional blends for improved meat products and meat alternatives   Loryma's presence at the show, which is dedicated to the meat and alternative proteins market, presents new, sustainable and economical options for the production of meat products or vegan and vegetarian products based on functional wheat ingredients. These include the innovative texturates of the Lory® Tex range for hybrid and plant-based alternatives, as well as hydrolysed wheat protein (Lory® [...]


Loryma develops authentic plant-based chicken concept

The latest innovation from ingredients specialist Loryma is a combination of wheat-based components for a vegan version of chicken thighs, which is more than a match for this classic dish in both appearance and texture. The replication of the chicken skin is achieved with a specially developed coating system, while Lory® Tex wheat texturates with a highly functional Lory® Bind binding system imitate the fibrous muscle meat. By frying, deep-frying or grilling, the outer shell becomes crispy, while the inside remains juicy and tender. Manufacturers who adopt the concept can adapt and flavour it individually.


Functional wheat starches replace titanium dioxide

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) no longer considers the white pigment titanium dioxide (E 171) to be a safe additive in animal feed. Trigovit® Starch 1104 ND native small-grain starch has a naturally high degree of whiteness and visually brightens various pet food applications. This starch component from Trigea, a specialist in wheat-based functional ingredients, is not chemically modified, is completely harmless to health and has no E number.


Premixes for meat alternatives

Ingredients specialist Loryma introduces concept for vegan, wheat-based dry mixes Loryma has developed a new application concept for use by consumers wanting to prepare their own vegan meat alternatives at home. For this purpose, the specialist in functional ingredients from wheat has designed special premixes that form an authentic texture in the end product after the addition of water. They provide numerous opportunities for manufacturers to respond to the trend for vegan meat alternatives with quick and fail-safe convenience products. [...]


Loryma develops convincing vegan fish alternative

Loryma introduces a new concept for trend-setting vegan fish products. Various functional wheat ingredients such as starches and proteins interact to authentically replicate the muscle meat of fish, and provide typical mouth feel. Using a modular principle, Loryma's ingredients enable a range of applications such as vegan fried fish or fish fillets, and meet consumer demand for sustainable, plant-based alternatives.


Announcement of the new authorised signatories

With immediate effect, the shareholders of the Crespel & Deiters Group joint authorised signatories for Mrs Heike Sander, Head of Marketing & Communications Crespel & Deiters Group, Mr Steffen von Glahn, Head of Supply Chain Crespel & Deiters Group and Mr Fayeq Ghadban, Head of Site Ibbenbüren.