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Binding system for great-tasting, authentic meat alternatives

With the Lory® Bind-Range, Loryma has developed a wheat-based binding system that provides perfect texture in   plant-based convenience products

The Lory® Bind range includes binders with different properties that perfectly match the application and production process. Lory® Bind can be combined with other formulation components such as coatings, breadings or texturates, and is easy to process.

An increasing number of people are looking to incorporate meat-free products into their diet, but still demand authentic taste, smell and typical mouthfeel. The Lory® Bind modular system offers optimum solutions for different applications. The functional starches help create ready-to-eat products with the desired and expected texture. And in order that products designed to be eaten both hot and cold have a consistent composition, the binder provides an irreversible internal structure. The wheat derivatives also help reproduce the texture of raw meat for foods that need to be grilled or pan-cooked: These products only develop the expected final firmness and texture when prepared by the consumer.

The Lory® Bind system is designed to meet various manufacturing and processing requirements. For pre-cooked products in the snack and convenience sector, the functional blends can be directly combined with the other ingredients in an “all-in” process. Gradual processing is also possible in order to achieve the cooking effect for vegetable burger patties or vegetarian minced meat at the final preparation stage. First, the dry Lory® Bind mixture is activated with water to create a binding matrix, after which the other ingredients are added. The advantage of this method is batchwise production using one mixing aperture.

The binders are adapted to the requirements of various meatless applications: Vegetable cooked sausages in their own tender skin receive a strong inner bond through Lory® Bind. A film of water is actively formed, which allows the synthetic casing and sausage meat to be easily separated. The typical mouthfeel of a bratwurst, on the other hand, is achieved by optimally combining the vegan, edible casing and the plant-based sausage meat. In the production of coated/breaded products such as vegan cutlets or nuggets in tempura batter, Loryma’s binders not only create a stable inner structure, but also prevent the formation of a film of water between the surface of the product and the breading, which makes it stick better. In order to flexibly realise product ideas, the company offers synergistic modular systems made of wheat-based binders and coatings with special adhesive strengths.

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July 2020