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C&D supports SeedForward with innovative seed coating

The SeedForward start-up from Osnabrück recently developed an innovative and, most importantly, environmentally-friendly seed coating, which will be sown for the first time this spring. C&D Technical Applications supports SeedForward with a natural, wheat-based binding material that combines the raw materials of the coating and provides a smooth finish. Therefore, the seed coating contains only natural ingredients that don’t pollute the soil or groundwater and pose no threat to our insects.

SeedForward’s organic seed treatment works in many ways: It increases the germination rate, effectively supplies the growing plant with the right nutrients and strengthens root growth, as well as improving the plant’s resistance to weather influences and pests. This promises farmers considerable savings in fertilisation and labour costs as well as stable yields, even under challenging growing conditions.

With its market entry at the beginning of April, SeedForward achieved a decisive objective. “The prospects are excellent,” Jacob P. Bussmann and Jan Ritter, the two founders and managers of the company, unanimously said. “Previous seed coating products, also known as seed dressings, have come under severe pressure, because approval is being phased out for a number of active ingredients, due to environmental and health risks. Effective alternatives are urgently needed,” Ritter explains. Bussmann adds: “More and more farmers are also becoming aware of this. And we are confident that they will appreciate our product, because stable yields that require less work and less time are also economically attractive.”

Images: SeedForward

April 2019