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Ingredient supplier shows technological potential of Lory® Tex extrudates for texture optimization of meat alternatives on booth S2173

In 2023 Loryma  will open up a US subsidiary to help meet increasing demand for premium plant-based ingredients. The German ingredient supplier will showcase its extended Lory® Tex range: The wheat texturates come in versatile sizes, shapes and colors to authentically replicate the mouthfeel of, for example, chicken drumsticks as well as ground meat for sausages. The innovative application concepts inspire manufacturers to adapt and vary ways in which they can create more sustainable and future-proof, meat-free offerings without compromising on taste.

With over 40 years of experience in the food industry and a strong presence in Europe, Loryma is constantly creating new prototypical application concepts. Vegan chicken drumsticks are one such example: They consist of Lory® Tex Chunks, particularly long-fibre textured wheat proteins, which perfectly imitate the fibres of grown muscle meat thanks to their unique structure. Replication of the chicken skin is achieved with a wheat-based coating system that becomes crisp during frying. All concepts can be individually modified, with the Loryma team also offering comprehensive support with implementation and variation. Hybrid applications with both meat and textured wheat proteins are possible too.

As the production capacity for texturates manufactured by the Crespel & Deiters Group, of which Loryma is part, has been significantly increased, ready and uninterrupted availability is assured. The business has been dedicated to creating specialities out of wheat for over 160 years and is now one of the largest ingredient manufacturers in Europe. They only use GM-free wheat from European countries. In-house handling from raw material to milling and refining, product development and extrusion technology all guarantee a smooth-flowing value chain for the creation of targeted, high-quality products.

June 2022