Wheat adhesives for corrugated board and paper.

Packaging plays a central role in virtually all areas of the economy and the private domain. Packaging provides an essential contribution to safe transport and protects high quality merchandise and goods, whether it be food or industrial products.

The demand for sustainable packaging solutions made of paper, cardboard and paper board has been growing for years. The rapid growth of online trade and export of goods are driving factors. However, discussions about the extensive prevention of plastic waste and climate protection challenge the corrugated board industry, the paper industry and the adhesives industry.

The packaging industry is shifting. More and more circulatory packaging made from corrugated board is being used in order to replace petroleum-based plastic packaging. Corrugated board also has many ecological advantages, the most important one being that it is reusable. Used corrugated board is not garbage, it is an important raw material for producing paper. It can be reprocessed up to 25 times (!). It can only be recycled effectively when renewable raw materials, such as wheat starch, are used.

In order to stick the paper webs together the corrugated board industry needs special adhesives that satisfy high standards of environmental friendliness, recycling and efficiency. C&D Corrugating & Paper’s high performance adhesive made from wheat starch sticks paper layers together quickly, safely and firmly. Thanks to the optimum composition, less adhesive is used during gluing, while still fully exploiting the performance of the corrugated plant. The starch-based, high-performance adhesives optimise energy use, in addition to creating less waste in production.

Use the solutions made from wheat for your production.

Profit from our expertise in developing highly functional products and solutions on the natural basis of wheat. Call us or send us an email! We are happy to advise you about the many and varied possibilities for your applications in the corrugated board and paper industry.

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Solutions for the corrugated board and paper industry.

Corrugated board industry

C&D Corrugating & Paper has been an innovative partner for corrugated board companies for over 25 years. With innovative high performance adhesives our customers are able to fully exploit the high performance of their corrugated board plants across all paper types, with optimised use of energy and adhesives.

High performance adhesives for corrugated board

Paper industry

C&D Corrugating & Paper starches make the paper firmer during manufacturing and printable by means of sizing. Product quality is significantly increased.

Starches for paper production