C&D Petfood & Feed develops products from the natural ingredients of wheat that increase the functionality of animal feed and provide added nutritional value.

Naturally efficient.

Wheat is an important foodstuff for both humans and animals. High-quality, natural, wheat-based raw materials are particularly suitable for the pet food and feed industry to develop healthy, efficient feed for pets and livestock. With intelligent additives made of wheat, C&D Petfood & Feed supports, among other things, the manufacturing of liquid and dry animal feed, thereby increasing the percentage of natural, healthy ingredients.

Creating the optimal solution, side by side.

At C&D Petfood & Feed, we take a holistic approach to consultancy, development, production and service. The customer is always at the heart of everything we do. His requirements of the product in terms of functionality and ingredients and his processing demands form the basis of our work.

We not only supply high quality solutions, we also support the customer with expert consultancy in their use or the development of new, optimised products which must be aligned to his manufacturing processes. Our consultants will be on site to provide support and secure the success of the product.

The joint process:

For specific customer requirements, we work in a joint process with the customers to develop wheat-based products and individual solutions:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Joint definition of the product and process objectives
  • Trust-based collaboration

Expertise and experience.

  • Many years of experience in supporting the manufacture of liquid and dry animal feeds.
  • Competent manufacturer of binding and stability systems.
  • Contribution to balanced, natural nutrition for pets and livestock.

More strength. More nature.

C&D Petfood & Feed supports the manufacture of liquid and dry animal feed, thereby increasing the percentage of natural, healthy ingredients with efficient, wheat-based products. Our solutions help with soaking up, solidifying and agglomerating, giving the end product its optimal consistency. Wheat is also an excellent source of flavour and a valuable provider of nutrients and additional nutritional value.

The raw materials of our innovative solutions.

The ingredients in wheat provide us with the basis for our efficient solutions which use high-value ingredients to support the customer’s end products in terms of, e.g., texture, stability and enhancement. Because each constituent part has its own properties and possible applications. Knowledge about the performance of each raw material combined with the high level of development expertise at C&D Petfood & Feed forms the basis of innovative wheat-based products for and customised solutions for the petfood and feed industry.

Enhancement of the products with natural, renewable ingredients to add flavour and support ingredient availability.

Improved product functionality in terms of binding and presentation.

In doing this, C&D Petfood & Feed is making an important contribution to the balanced and economical care of livestock and pets such as dogs, cats, birds and ornamental fish.

Based on ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 22000 for food safety, Crespel & Deiters meets the highest requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection, sustainability, safety and social responsibility.

C&D Petfood & Feed

If you want to know more about C&D Petfood & Feed high quality wheat-based raw materials for healthy and efficient animal feed, simply drop us a line or give us a call.

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