From the wheat starch factory to a leading specialist for wheat starch.

Wheat has been at the heart of everything we do for more than 160 years. Having started as a classic wheat starch factory, Crespel & Deiters is one of the leading producers of wheat starches and wheat proteins in Europe today. Because, for us, nothing is more fascinating than the possibilities offered by wheat. The entire circle of life is contained within a tiny grain of wheat. From seeds to ears of wheat, to a supplier of vitamins, nutrients and energy. Crespel & Deiters’ aspiration is to develop the great variety of possibilities of the natural raw material of wheat and to develop, use and perfect these possibilities for industrial applications in the food, non-food and feed sectors. Together with our customers, we create functional products made from wheat, which ensure greater efficiency, performance and quality in a wide range of sectors and industries.

The benefits of wheat starches and wheat proteins for humans, animals and the industry.

Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants on earth and one of the most important agricultural commodities. Wheat is grown on 220 million hectares worldwide and is the most widely grown cereal in the world. In Germany alone, wheat is grown on about half of the existing grain areas . The majority of our wheat comes from German fields, the rest from Europe. Always a quality product, always 100 % GMO free. What makes it so valuable for humans, animals and the industry? Its unique composition! A wheat grain consists of 70 % wheat starch and 14 % wheat proteins, with high-quality amino acids as well as unsaturated fatty acids, fibres, vitamins, and minerals. The individual ingredients are important, qualitative components in the production of food, animal feed, feed and industrial products.

The wheat grain – the ingredients make it so valuable.

Wheat is our basis for the development of high-performance products. We make full use of the grain corn’s ingredients, utilising all of its constituent parts. because each constituent part has its own properties and possible applications.

The wheat starch, for example, forms resistant, solid gels, is highly stable during processing and can be used in various ways in both the food and non-food sectors.

Wheat protein (gluten), is particularly important for its baking properties and also improves the nutritional quality of food.

From the mill to the wheat starch factory: The regional processing of our wheat.

With the production in Germany, Crespel & Deiters ensures its great promise of quality | Crespel & Deiters

In its wheat starch factory Crespel & Deiters primarily processes German wheat (at least 75 %) as well as wheat from Europe. Thanks to the large share of local wheat, we keep the transport routes as short as possible. This strengthens the agricultural sector, both in Germany and in Europe. The grain is processed into flour in regional grain mills. These grain mills have been working for the Crespel & Deiters Group for decades. The short distances to the regional mills also contribute to greater efficiency and climate protection. The high German standards that apply when milling, and which have been agreed with the selected grain mills, guarantee the consistent quality of wheat flour from the very beginning.

We separate wheat flour into its constituent parts at our headquarters in Ibbenbüren. Using the most modern production technologies, we achieve a 99% rate of raw material recycling and guarantee an efficient, resource-saving handling of the raw material wheat. We also use water and energy responsibly in the production of our wheat starch and wheat proteins.

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How wheat starch, wheat proteins, wheat fibres and wheat extracts are created.

The wheat flour is suspended to a dough at the headquarters in Ibbenbüren by adding water.  Through physical separation such as sieving, centrifugation and evaporation, Crespel & Deiters’ wheat starch factory produces wheat starch, wheat proteins, fibres and extracts.

With the accompanying quality assurance throughout the entire production process, we absorb the natural variations in the quality of the natural raw material and create consistently reliable wheat-based products. These are refined in innovative manufacturing processes by our food and non-food brands using mixing, extrusion and modification to create highly functional products that are used efficiently in a wide range of applications and industries:

Wheat starch can be deployed as a binding agent in a variety of different industries | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat starch: Binders for food, feed and technical applications

Wheat proteins are used, first and foremost, in the food industry | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat protein: Adhesive (gluten) for baking and for vegetarian and vegan food products as well as binders for petfood

Pre-gelatinised starch is used as a binding agent in foods, animal feed and for technical applications | Crespel & Deiters

Pregelatinised starch: Binding, thickening and filling agents for various industries

Pre-gelatinized flour is an outstanding binding agent for technical applications| Crespel & Deiters

Pregelatinised flour: Stabiliser for feed as well as binding and filling agents in the processing industry

Wheat extract is an appetite-stimulating binding agent for the production of animal feeds | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat extract: Straight  feed or feed additive for the feed industry

Wheat bran provides valuable fibre in the production of industrial food | Crespel & Deiters

Wheat bran: Fibre supplier for the food industry as well as for animal feed


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Qualitative production and high availability of wheat starch & co.

Crespel & Deiters‘ core innovation promise is supported by the knowledge, experience and professionalism manifested in the quality of all our processes and products. From the selection of the raw materials, to the controlling of handling processes and the delivery of the products, all process steps at Crespel & Deiters are analysed, inspected and evaluated. The efficiency of our production processes ensures that our products’ quality always remains high. Also the efficient use of the raw material is important. With the optimisation of production and machinery efficiency, we at the Crespel & Deiters Group utilise 99 % of the wheat grain. Permanent product availability for customers is also ensured by structured processes and pro-active planning.

Maximum performance and high added value:

The reliable quality and high efficiency of our work is the result of our employees´ great knowledge, as well as of decades of experience and expertise regarding the natural raw material wheat.

Regional and without genetic engineering:

We only use wheat from Europe, of which at least 75% come from German cultivation. The high-quality raw material is free of genetically modified ingredients, rich in nutrients and is characterised by high purity.

Quality by specialists:

  • Consistent stable processing
  • Compliance with quality parameters
  • High processing power
  • Optimised yield structure
  • Delivery reliability and short delivery dates
  • Security through stockpiling

Our competence for wheat starches and wheat proteins.

In the wheat starch factory, new innovations are constantly being created around wheat starches & co. | Crespel & Deiters

For more than 160 years, Crespel & Deiters has been closely associated with the natural raw material of wheat and its variety of possible uses. In intensive research and development, with experience and vision, in combination with a profound knowledge of grain, we create functional products and procedures for customer-specific applications. Our core competence is found in the separation of wheat into its original constituent parts and refining it to create innovative solutions More than 370,000 tons of wheat are refined into highly functional products by the Crespel & Deiters Group every year. To maintain high capacity and even expand further, Crespel & Deiters continually invests in future-focused further development of its production facilities. Our production processes are always technically, ecologically and economically state-of-the-art thanks to innovative in-house developments in the technical area.

The brands of the Crespel & Deiters Group