The entire circle of life is contained within a tiny grain of wheat. The opportunities and challenges of wheat have always fascinated us. The aim of our work is to use, develop and improve them for our customers.

Innovations from generation to generation.

For 160 years and as a fifth generation family-run business, we have been working consistently and sustainably with wheat as a raw material. In the perpetual rhythm of nature, every year wheat once again gives us a range of possible uses. We make full use of every component of the grain, including wheat starches, proteins, fibres and extracts. We make use of these components to develop innovative and functional products. Their uses in a wide range of industries and sectors allow companies around the world to make their production processes and products more profitable, more sustainable and more efficient.

Products close to the customer.

At Crespel & Deiters, we take a holistic approach to consul­tancy, development, production and service. For specific customer requirements, we work together with our customers to develop wheat-based products and individual solutions.

Creating the optimal solution, side by side.

The customer always comes first. Their requirements determine the product. As an innovation partner and trendsetter, Crespel & Deiters supports the customer throughout the entire process – from the analysis of the current situation through to the development of the functional product and on to the implementation and optimisation of the production process in practice.

A high degree of development skill – accessible customer service.

At Crespel & Deiters, research, development and service have one main aim: making the customer more efficient and more competitive. This is why Crespel & Deiters offers integrated solutions in which the company’s own specialists from development, application technology service and technology support customers on the use of the products, the development of new or optimised products and on the customer’s internal processes.

Wheat-based solutions for a wide range of sectors.

Created from sunlight, earth, water and seeds, wheat unites the combined forces of nature. This vitality and strength is demonstrated in each of our solutions. Solutions made from innovative ideas that serve the interests of our customers. In the various sectors of the company, we bring a high degree of competence in terms of development, excellent knowledge of the products and accessible customer support to a range of different industries.


One of the leading developers and manufacturers of customised wheat starch-based adhesive products for the corrugated board industry.


Innovative producer of high-quality, wheat-based raw materials for technical applications in a wide range of sectors and industries.


Long-time manufacturer of high-quality, natural and wheat-based raw materials for the petfood and feed industry.


Loryma is a specialist for wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends and reliable and pioneering partner of the international food industry.

Expert for cereal-based extruded raw materials for the food industry.