Solutions for the Baked Goods Industry

Do you want to make an informed, sustainable choice when selecting ingredients for your products? Wheat-based proteins and starches are the key to economical, nutritious and sustainable production. 

Baked Goods: Tasty and Just Right in Texture  

Ensure the optimum consistency of your baked goods with our special starches! Due to their high functionality, they are used in baked goods for thickening and stabilising properties which make them the ideal ingredient under special production stress.  In the industrial production, our solutions score with application diversity and quality.

High Protein is a growing trend. For instance: protein-rich baked goods as well as nutritionally optimised plant-based alternatives are in high demand among health-conscious consumersMany applications allow for the use of hydrolysed and extruded proteins as an additional source of protein and/or a dough optimiser. 

We provide the right solution for all your end consumer products!

On-Trend: Pleasure and Healthy Nutritional Values

Traditional baked good rarely fulfill the demands of health-conscious consumers. Nowadays, “better-for-you” food scores with an optimised nutritional profile. Of course, taste is critical. Enjoyment is paramount and every snack should still feel like indulgent downtime. 

Our wheat ingredients can easily satisfy this demand. Plus, plant proteins from grains help to add dietary value as well. And, they’re simple to process. Of course, it depends on the exact recipe; but, in many cases no further adjustments are needed for a nutritionally improved muffin than replacing part of the flour with the resistant starch Lory® Starch Elara. 

In the mood for optimisation? With our wheat-based solutions and our expertise, a whole new world of individual product designs is right on your doorstep. Contact us today! 

High Quality Wheat-Based Solutions for your Production:

Hydrolysed wheat protein: functional ingredients and a high-quality source of nutrients

Lory® Tex Powder  is ideal for protein enrichment without affecting dough rheology.

Lory® Starch Elara – resistant wheat starch that increases the fiber content and simultaneously decreases the carbohydrate content.

Lory® Starch Solaris is a cold-swelling starch that optimises the preparation and the product properties of i.e. muffins, sponge cakes.

Lory® Starch Emerald is a hot swelling starch with high binding capacity.  It optimises the preparation and product properties of e.g. fruit and cream fillings, cheesecakes and desserts.

Lory® Stab is a stabilising system. It can replace the egg and milk components in vegan and conventional baked goods.

With our wheat-based solutions and our expertise, a whole new world of individual product designs opens up to you.

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