C&D Petfood & Feed develops products from the natural ingredients of wheat that increase the functionality of animal feed and provide added nutritional value.

Naturally efficient.

Wheat is an important foodstuff for both humans and animals. High-quality, natural, wheat-based raw materials are particularly suitable for the pet food and feed industry to develop healthy, efficient feed for pets and livestock. With intelligent additives made of wheat, C&D Petfood & Feed is supporting, among other things, the manufacturing of liquid and dry animal feed, thereby increasing the percentage of natural, healthy ingredients.

C&D Petfood & Feed

More strength. More nature.

The solutions by C&D Petfood & Feed help with soaking up, solidifying and agglomerating, giving the end product its optimal consistency.

Wheat is also an excellent source of flavour and a valuable provider of nutrients and additional nutritional value.

In doing this, C&D Petfood & Feed is making an important contribution to the balanced and economical care of livestock and pets such as dogs, cats, birds and ornamental fish.

C&D Petfood & Feed

Take advantage of our experience and our skills in developing high-quality and natural wheat-based raw ingredients for manufacturing healthy and effective animal feed. Give us a call or send us an email. Your own contact will be happy to advise you about the many options available for your products.

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