It is the synthesis of in-depth development expertise, excellent knowledge of food ingredients and customer-oriented support that makes Loryma an ideal and reliable partner in the international food industry.

With an eye to the future.

In light of the ever-growing world population, ensuring reliable food supply poses a global challenge for the food industry. Therefore, it will be responsible for providing the population with high-quality and affordable food in the future.

Loryma has been a future-oriented partner to the international food industry for more than 40 years, and promotes the development of novel, nutritious, economically-priced and tasty foods. Loryma supports its customers with wheat-based raw materials such as wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends that optimise the stability, texture and taste of meat products, fish products, vegetarian and vegan products, as well as baked goods, convenience products and confectionery.

From the initial idea to market maturity.

With decades of experience as a system supplier to the food industry and extensive industry and product knowledge in the field of food ingredients, Loryma creates new products together with its customers. In the company’s own product development division, tailor-made, wheat-based products and customised solutions that improve end-consumer products are created.


Take advantage of innovative solutions from Loryma to optimise your food products. Give us a call or send us an email. Your personal contact will gladly advise you about the many options for your production processes.

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