With a high degree of skill, flexibility and innovation, Extruded Cereal Products B.V. supports the food industry in the development and production of new and functional food products by the use of extrusion.

Partner in innovation and expertise.

Crespel & Deiters is one of the leading specialists in Europe for the separation of wheat into its constituent parts, and the further refinement and processing into customised products that are used in numerous industrial sectors of both the food and non-food sectors.

To meet the diverse requirements of the food industry, we combine our skills in the food sector with the abilities of the pioneering and formative innovator of extrusion technology, Extruded Cereal Products B.V. As a specialist in the extrusion of cereal-based raw materials Extruded Cereal Products B.V. refines the wheat protein we produce. This forms the basis for a significant proportion of our Loryma ingredients and compounds for the food industry.

Extrusion – the ultimate refinement technique

Extrusion is a process technology used in food processing. It contributes to expanding the food supply, for example in terms of shelf life and quality. Extrusion can be used to control the water activity of the extrusion products. This is responsible for microbiological growth and therefore for the spoilage of foods.

This technology allows the development of products with new shapes and textures. One particularly promising application of extrusion is the production of fibre-like structures from wheat proteins. The resulting extrusion product is used for the production of vegetarian and vegan foods, for which there is increasing demand.

Snacks, breakfast cereals and confectionery are also manufactured using extrusion.

The diverse use of extrusion to manufacture new and innovative food products is very promising for the future of food production.

Innovations thanks to extrusion.

Extruded Cereal Products B.V. is a specialist in the extrusion of wheat-based raw materials for the food industry. ECP is an owner-managed company that was founded in 1998. Its particular skill lies in the extrusion of wheat protein.

Extruded Cereal Products B.V. and Crespel & Deiters are exclusive cooperation partners in this specialised area. With the same deep-rooted understanding of the holistic development and sustainable manufacture of natural, wheat-based products and recipes, we act as a competent and far-sighted partner to our customers.

We work closely with our customers to develop the best possible customised product solution. It gives us great pleasure to take on particular challenges and resolve them in a practical and customer-focused manner. Once our product innovations are developed, we carry out intensive testing with our customers in order to achieve optimum results.

Extruded Cereal Product B.V.

Benefit from the comprehensive expertise of Extruded Cereal Products B.V. in the areas of advice, development and production. Call us or send us an email. Your personal contact will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

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High quality, good advice, and delivery reliability are very important to us.

Our quality management system, according to ISO standards and HACCP system, ensures a constant product quality. ECP is also in the position to provide BIO, HALAL & KOSHER certified products.

The high-quality and natural extrusion products meet a wide range of requirements for everything from baking bread to chocolate, muesli, snacks and breadcrumb coatings.


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