“Germany Saves Food” action week

What does the “Germany Saves Food” action week have to do with Crespel & Deiters, an industrial company that extracts starch and protein from wheat? A great deal, because the appreciation of food and the prevention of waste starts right at the top of the value chain. What counts is not only the behaviour of consumers in the consumer society, but also behaviour in the upstream industrial stages.

“Germany Saves Food” action week2020-09-23T16:14:24+02:00

Snack better with wheat

How wheat-based binding compounds optimise high protein snacks …

Snack better with wheat2020-03-26T12:55:42+02:00

Nature’s finest

How, using high-quality wheat-based raw materials, C&D Petfood & Feed makes animal feed naturally healthier and more stable ...

Nature’s finest2019-07-25T09:18:28+02:00

Visions made of wheat

C&D Technical Applications: Customised wheat-based solutions for technical applications in the processing industry ...

Visions made of wheat2019-07-25T09:21:56+02:00

Small investment with great effect

C&D Corrugating & Paper: Tailor-made adhesive concepts for the cost-efficient production of high-quality corrugated board ...

Small investment with great effect2019-07-25T09:32:12+02:00

The strength of a grain of wheat

The Crespel & Deiters Group is one of Europe's leading specialists for wheat-based products and associated solutions ...

The strength of a grain of wheat2019-07-29T14:42:34+02:00
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